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How do you stop anxiety and panic attacks if they come out of no where for no reason?

Certain things trigger them, such as freeways and being in a car in bad weather... But sometimes I am perfectly happy and BAM, they hit. What can I do to stop this? I have a fear for many things and I don't even understand why. I recently started having a bad one while in the car on the freeway, and mind you, I don't even drive. I almost had my fiance' pull off the highway. I felt dizzy, light headed, short of breath, like I was going to freak out. I was fine on the way home, however, which I don't understand.

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Eric Calderwood says

4 years ago
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    estellaeffects 4 years ago

    Eric thanks for sharing. My husband is going through this. We got his heart checked it was OK. Since then he is getting these less frequently. I think he realized it is not a heart attack.

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Sherrie Westerfield, Cpht (artist101) says

4 years ago
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Spindle says

4 years ago
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Dubuquedogtrainer says

4 years ago
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    Spindle 4 years ago

    just medication is never the answer. It must always be taken along with therapy of some kind.

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