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False Pregnancy Question?

I know, I know go see a doctor, still waiting on insurance papers. Anyways, I was almost convinced I was pregnant. I did a test a week ago, it was negative and I did another one today, still negative. I have cramping, lower back pain, gas, more gas, fatigue and now, after I eat something, about 30 minutes after I am STARVING! I am about 2 weeks or so late for my period. I honestly felt sick since the middle of July. Any ideas? I know I keep asking questions about this I just want to know so I can help my body out.

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Annabelle Tyler says

4 years ago
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    ii3rittles 4 years ago

    Thanks Annabelle. My aunt said "time will tell".. so I guess I will have to wait and see. Just gotta make sure I'm eating good till i know for sure.

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sassymomonthego says

4 years ago
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Lindie (lindiesl) says

4 years ago
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