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I have a few questions about cataract surgery - please read!

I'm having cataract surgery done in Hilo in a couple days, due to an injury 9 years ago. My doctor said if there is a complication, I will have to be flown to Honolulu 200 miles away for further surgery. My brother, who is also a doctor, says I should cancel and have the surgery done in Honolulu. Is he overreacting? After all, trauma patients are often flown to Honolulu. Also, I looked at ratings for my eye doctor, and he ranks 3.2 out of 5. He has had 6 reviews. This ranks as "fair". Should I still go to him, or run the other way?

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Best Answer Larry Wall says

3 years ago
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Yoleen Lucas (Say Yes To Life) says

3 years ago
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    innerspin 3 years ago

    Excellent! Good to hear.

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innerspin says

3 years ago
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