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What advise would you relay to a 50 year old person who has been fired from a high powered

lucrative job?

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Best Answer dashingscorpio says

14 months ago
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Warren Samu (thegecko) says

13 months ago
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    Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) 13 months ago

    Excellent response. Do you know how many people(misguided of course) would advise him/her to give it up, they are "too old" and let young people run the show!

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Ana Kolomeka says

14 months ago
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Linda Bryen (liesl5858) says

14 months ago
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Eddie (ahorseback) says

14 months ago
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  • Kiss andTales profile image

    Kiss andTales 14 months ago

    Always go forward a close door can mean another will open, even if it is not when you expect it , prepare for a better opportunity

    and always, learn from your past experience that anything can change do not put all your precious eggs in one basket.