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My friend is 63 and we think he has ALS can anyone give me any advice as to how best I can help?

Symptoms started January of this year with a 'slapping' foot and 'dead' heal. He found he tired easier. The doc thought it was a trapped nerve in his back. However, the next symptoms were the muscles in his legs getting weaker, all the muscles of his body twitch and at times his hands can't grip objects. He is still walking but his gait is like someone drunk and he tires easily. He has noticed his stomach and back muscles are weaker. So far he has had electro tests, spinal tap, MRI, CAT scan and neurological tests, but the doc still hasn't given him a diagnosis. We believe it is ALS any ideas?

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Helen (brightforyou) says

6 years ago
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Lori J Latimer (LillyGrillzit) says

6 years ago