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Am I doing the Right Thing moving my low-commercial-value creative works to another site>

As I mentioned recently, my frustrations with the heavy commercialization of HP and their preferred writings, I have opened a site on WP. I have spent the past week or so, part-time, setting up a decent beginners site there with the goal of experimenting with my goal of having a site to exhibit my more creative writings. I have just deleted a Hub of mine called A Typical RV Pullout. Once it is removed by HP (1-2 days), I will do a little editing and insert it onto WP as a nice little story about my wife and my first day on the road in our RV. Will this work for me? Keep watching!

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Best Answer Sydney Spence (sydneyspence) says

3 years ago
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Chris Mills (cam8510) says

3 years ago
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    Don Bobbitt 3 years ago

    cam8510- I already have some Blogger Blogs but I felt limited, so I thought that Wp might be an option. I find that their simple themes are Ok, but to "upgrade" you can end up spending a lot of extra money for the bells and whistles that Blogger has.