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What to do with an Amazon Gift Card?

I recently received an gift card as payment on my HubPages account. I tried to spend it on an eBook but as I live in the UK I wasn't allowed to. Has anyone from the UK managed to successfully spend one of these?

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John MacNab says

3 years ago
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suziecat7 says

3 years ago
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    John MacNab 3 years ago

    Of course we have PayPal suziecat7. PayPal is world wide, and that is how we pay for, and receive money online, but if someone gives you an electronic gift card as a present, what do you do?

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Susan Bailey (Sue Bailey) says

3 years ago
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Susan Zutautas (Just Ask Susan) says

3 years ago
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Nell Rose says

3 years ago
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    Susan Zutautas (Just Ask Susan) 3 years ago

    I've since switched mine over to cheque :)