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Why would a hub I published on Monday, 2-15-16 not show up on the HP feed?

Or have I missed it, even though I've looked several times ... with all the changes on HP these days (some that are not very pleasing), it's getting hard to keep up with everything, especially because I'm not in the loop every day). What is happening now --- hubs don't show up, or only certain ones?

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Phyllis Doyle Burns (Phyllis Doyle) says

12 months ago
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Teri Silver (TeriSilver) says

12 months ago
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    Phyllis Doyle Burns (Phyllis Doyle) 12 months ago

    This is odd. Maybe you did miss it in the feed. You should put this question in the "Tech Issue" forum so Christy can look into it. This is not really a Q&A topic, but a forum topic.