Religious Conservative view of Gays. And why they are wrong.

Who has the right to Judge others?

everyone has their own opinions of others
everyone has their own opinions of others | Source
how others judge us
how others judge us
how we judge ourselves
how we judge ourselves
performing for others to judge
performing for others to judge | Source

Walk a mile in my shoes

Is it right for organizations to continue promoting hatred and intolerance as a way of life?

Trying to maintain superiority and control over others certainly does not promote peace and harmony.

Who really has any right to judge another person anyway?

Does anyone have the right to judge and promote hatred against others?

There are many reasons why anyone saying "yes" to this question, needs more guidance than those who accept what God has given them to bear.

We must all learn to 'metaphorically' "walk a mile in someone else's shoes" before judging them without logical rhyme or reason.

A Lack of Understanding

Homosexuals are born , not created from any psychological, emotional or physical trauma, or by "choice" of an 'alternative' life style. These are the allegations of the ignorant and misinformed.

Suppose for one minute things were in reverse:

All heterosexuals were suddenly inferior, hated, beaten up, killed, fired from their jobs, kicked out of their rented homes, denied the right to visit their loved ones in the hospital, shunned by society and all the other things that are being done to homosexuals today.

And all these things being done to them by those with the audacity to state that it is God's will for them to do so?

I can not imagine there being a creator that advocates hatred that so consumes those who practice it in his/her name.

Then to be told your "condition" is a sin against God and you will go to hell for it.

BUT you have the choice to be what you are not.

You are then told you must only have intimate relations with another person of the opposite gender.

Would you find this unbearable? distasteful? repugnant? cruel? inhumane? Or acceptable?

Acceptable?. I think not.

The gift of empathy allows us to be able to imagine being born gay into a world that does all those things to you and even more - and then to have these attacks on you sanctioned, and even encouraged, by your religion, your 'friends', your family members, your employers, and your government.

How would you cope with all of that bigotry and hatred?

•Pretend you were something you were not?

•Pray to your God to somehow miraculously transform your physical make up into something it isn't just to fit in?

•Or simply commit suicide just to get away from all that pain?

Now, ask yourself this question:

Would any heterosexual consciously choose a lifestyle that has so much negative stigma, hatred and violence, mental anguish and physical pain, social ostracism, etc, etc.. attached to it?

This is a rhetorical 'fools question' to emphasize the trauma and ignorance that gay people face every day of their lives.

Making a choice

Does anyone really believe this is a life choice?

Ignorance is NOT bliss, in spite of the ill informed who believe it is so.

Hatred is not pretty. Nor is it a virtue.

Judging others and destroying their life for being born what one is meant to be, is not Christian, saintly, or Godly, in any fashion.

I would be willing to bet that any gay person would be more than happy to have you just to [walk a mile in their shoes] before you judge what you do not choose to understand.

The "shame on you" is not to those people who have no choice in life, because of who they were born to be - the "shame on you" is to those people that DO have the choice of understanding, compassion and knowing how hateful and cruel they are being and still doing it to other human beings in spite of that knowledge.

A sense of Pride

The judges of others and the hate mongers seem to find some sense of pride in their attacks on others who they do not know, or understand.

A few questions to ponder before passing judgment on others:

  • Does this hatred give you a sense of pride?
  • A sense of power?
  • A sense of justice?
  • A sense of personal satisfaction?
  • Do you kick your dog?
  • Do you beat your kids?
  • Do you abuse your spouses?
  • Do you really think your God condones this hatred and hurtfulness that you inflict on people you know nothing about?
  • Do you think your God is proud of this behavior?
  • Do you think your God loves you all the more for your hateful cruelty?

If your God is of the underworld, then the answer is probably "Yes".

If your God is the Creator of all that is good - I doubt it very much.

I am sure that the true 'God of love' weeps for all the cruelty that mankind inflicts upon itself in this world.

If your cruelty toward others is your shield against your own misgivings about yourself, i can assure you that this continued abuse will NOT erase those doubts or desires from your subconscious mind.

Assigning blame

If I had the power to dole out punishment for this cruelty that anyone inflicts on others?

It would be that each of those abusers be forced to return to this planet and endure the same pain that they are inflicting on others. This would be true Cosmic Karma atonement.

Or that their children be born gay, so they could see first hand what they have done to others as they witness the abuse that their gay child must endure for their lifetime because of religious ignorance.

At the very least, we must all try to make some attempt to live as Christ supposedly preached:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Live your own lives, appreciate what blessings you have, and be happy.

Do not judge others, lest ye be willing to be judged in return.

by: d.william 10/24/10

Promoting Hatred by Religious Groups

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Comments 11 comments

American Romance profile image

American Romance 6 years ago from America

Is a child molester BORN into pedophile? .......or that person simply full filling personal perverse thoughts through sex acts with children, then later being arrested and beaten and killed in prison? Maybe gays take whatever abuse (I don't see it) because they love indulging into their perverse lifestyle! The only abuse I see is THEM forcing their lifestyles on US!

d.william profile image

d.william 6 years ago from Somewhere in the south Author

Your ignorance never ceases to amaze me. As i told you before, i truly feel sorry for your children. They surely will grow up to be idiots too. Your comments are non relevant. You just proves my point about the number of idiots there really are out there. Anyone with even 1/2 of a working brain would know you are talking about a totally different subject that my hub. It seems to me that you are the one forcing your views on other people. But with that being said, yes pedophiles are born that way. I would make an attempt at explaining the physiological maladaptation of their emotional/mental (psychological) growth if i thought you had the capacity to understand the words.

HSchneider 6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

Great Hub d.william and never mind AR. He is a hater of anything that does not conform to his narrow world view. Hopefully this national outcry over bullying especially in regards to gay people will educate the bulk of the U.S. citizenry. I wrote a Hub on prejudice and bigotry. It mostly concentrated on race but I did expand into other areas. The Shirley Sherrod incident sparked me to write it because the discussion was over silly and ancillary issues. Luckily the Tyler Clementi suicide has sparked a real debate. Let's hope some real change is ultimately made in many minds and hearts.

d.william profile image

d.william 6 years ago from Somewhere in the south Author

Thanks for your comments. I was just about to give it up. There are so many like AR out there, it almost seems like a total losing battle. If nothing else, i would like to see equality for everyone in this country before i die. It certainly will not be under the current administration, and more assuredly NOT under the Republican administration. That religious brainwashing is so deeply entrenched into this society it is like a pervasive cancer that can't seem to be killed. But you have, as usual, given me another small spark of hope, so i will trudge on. I have to keep reminding myself of how it was when i was fighting alongside the black population for their equal rights. The nasty comments, threats, and utter hatred toward me was more bearable back then. I try to be open minded and objective, and don't usually lose my temper like i did above, but sometimes that narrowed hateful mentality is totally unbearable.

Mrs. J. B. profile image

Mrs. J. B. 5 years ago from Southern California

This is why people are such irritating f.... Your hub is brilliant, well thought out and said with passion.

I do not care what you are, where you came from, if you did this that or the other. I have no right to judge you or anyone for the way they lead their lives. I can only support you, have kindness in my soul and stick by you through thick or thin. Anyone that spouts this or that.. Well give me 5 minutes with them and I will see something about them I may not do, may not like but everyone comes with a set of baggage. some a 9 piece others just that damn annoying carry on but we all have something, so all those holier than thou's can kiss my ass.

Mrs. J. B. profile image

Mrs. J. B. 5 years ago from Southern California

Sorry for the cuss word...

d.william profile image

d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south Author

Thanks for your comments, and you can feel free to cuss all you want, any time. Lord knows my mouth should be washed out with soap, more often than not. I have never been known to hold back on using profanity (except on hub pages of course).

Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

Jo_Goldsmith11 5 years ago

Oh my! (ROFLMAO) I love J.B 's statement and her cuss word.I must admit that I don't hate gay people. They use to frighten me. This was because of the closed minds of the people in my home. I am a straight person. I can't imagine finding another woman's body sexually attractive, when I can barely stand to look at my own and not cringe.

I wanted to share that I think it is cool that you advocate for these group of people. I believe that God decides what is right and what is wrong. I think it is going to be a "jaw dropping" experience when the straight ones learn that we are the ones all "messed up" and that when a man and a woman lie down together it is only for pro creation. I wish the gay community well. I just don't have to agree to the lifestyle. voted up! :)

Ps. Do you think you may write about what the gay flag colors represent? I have always wanted to know.

d.william profile image

d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south Author

Well, thank you for your comments and support. I truly hate bigotry and intolerance in all forms. But the most damaging comes from erroneous religious beliefs. God creates and man destroys. And please excuse my ignorance, but i am not up on reading abbreviations. I have NO idea what (ROFLMAO) means.

Vision1 4 years ago

The devil is a lie..... He has you fooled.... You will see, dream about the truth of the world... The eye you posted is the eye of the enemy, in which your knowledge and false image of self resides... I pray for your blinded selfish eyes to be opened, and 4 your lust to not lead you to death...

d.william profile image

d.william 4 years ago from Somewhere in the south Author


And yet, another crazy religious bigot is heard from!!

It is I who will be praying for YOUR enlightenment, lack of intelligence, and pathetic brainwashing of your religious benefactors.

Most people with your attitude suffer from what is known as righteous indignation that stems from subconsciously fighting the very thing that they protest the most. Come out of your closet and enjoy the sunshine; for life is too short to be so miserable.

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