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How do you feel about the continued materialization of the New World Order?

The New World Order stuff is real. There are attempts underway, and working well, to eradicate the sovereignty of the USA...and of other nations as well. I do not like and fear this. The desire is to have a one world government. I like having my own country, the flag, the national anthem, etc. I don't want a global currency. Obama is not incompetent---he is purposely trying to collapse the country to further bring on the New World Order. Before you mock me look into this a bit more. Some say the NWO will be for the better....I disagree. What do you think?

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PurvisBobbi44 says

4 years ago
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  • Sarra Garrett 4 years ago

    Very well said. It's too bad more people didn't realize what is really on the agenda.

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Mazzy Bolero says

4 years ago
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Barbara Kay Badder (Barbara Kay) says

4 years ago
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Sunil (SunilKalsi) says

4 years ago
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  • Missing Link profile image

    Missing Link 4 years ago

    Your way of thinking is similar to the NWO folks. It has been tried per Stalin, Pol Pot etc. and many millions died. I like having a national identity and don't consider myself childish. I appreciate your participation very much however!

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Becky Katz says

4 years ago
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  • LauraD093 profile image

    Laura Tykarski (LauraD093) 4 years ago

    I am going to be hit right in the chops for this but ...My Fellow Americans Citizens, when have we not fought a take over of our ideals?...being able to function in a world economy is not death.it is survival.

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