Is Obama so weak that the world is beating a path to Putin's door?

Most countries crave some reassurance that their security, especially at sea, will be guaranteed by an international community strong enough to offer that reassurance. As Barrack Obama further demonstrates that "leading from behind," as he has done since before the Libyan War debacle, is a clear sign of weakness, indecisiveness and vacillation. Vladimir Putin is anything but a weakling blaming everyone else for making him use talk about a "red line." Putin is gathering allies and friends, many of whom are not American allies. He appears to be the man in the room with Obama.

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Richard Brown (richardbrown81) says

3 years ago
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  • maxoxam41 profile image

    Deforest (maxoxam41) 3 years ago

    Syria can defend itself if faced with one enemy. But to have Turkey, Jordan as military platforms for the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, England, Germany, Italy... to deploy their military to attack, it is cowardice and nothing else.

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Eric Dierker (Ericdierker) says

3 years ago
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  • retief2000 3 years ago

    A weakling with a nuclear arsenal is still a weakling. Obama appears weak and Putin strong, appearances matter.The Syrian situation is in flux and Obama's public statements make him appear petulant and vacillating - Putin appears decisive and strong

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Deforest (maxoxam41) says

3 years ago
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  • Ericdierker profile image

    Eric Dierker (Ericdierker) 3 years ago

    Really now -- you are claiming that Putin and Russia are deterrents to the US. This is not accurate but lays it out: http://www.globalfirepower.com/country-military-st...

    This is one US Battle Carrier group - just one.

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