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You know I am a believer in our justice system but my only beef with it is this...Your thoughts...

How can a Father (who has never been in trouble for abuse neither spousal or child) can have the mother of the child take there children across multiple state lines in the middle of the night and then refrain from disclosing the whereabouts of the children to the father and legally get away with it. Then when the Father calls the police; the police informs the father the mother was and is within her rights cause she is the mother but let a father do the same thing and it would be considered parental kidnapping. How is this fair?

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Best Answer CraftytotheCore says

3 years ago
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    B A Tobin (barbat79) 3 years ago

    Wow! It is considered kidnapping in many states and unless that mother has reported to the D A in the home state, she can be arrested and jailed

    Follow this through to fruition, eventually there will be a phsyc eval and the truth will be seen.

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B A Tobin (barbat79) says

3 years ago
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