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How to decline wedding invites from people I don't know without making up excuses (lies)?

I have been invited to weddings for people I don't know well and don't want to just ignore the invites or offer up a lie as an excuse. I have gone down this road before and out of a fear of offending them I went. My beau and I both don't drink and we don't dance and these things drag on and on for hours. What should I do if I simply don't want to go when we don't know either bride or groom well? Is there any way to be honest and not offend?

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Best Answer P. Thorpe Christiansen (duffsmom) says

4 years ago
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Suzanne Ridgeway (Suzie HQ) says

4 years ago
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lburmaster says

4 years ago
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    Marsha Musselman (Marsha Musselman1) 3 years ago

    Ahh, but if you are going to eat the food and cake then it's expected that you will give a gift as well. I would just send the RSVP back and say you are not attending. No explanation is necessary.

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Marsha Musselman (Marsha Musselman1) says

3 years ago
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    H C Palting (Express10) 3 years ago

    I got that impression & I just felt very awkward as a result. I didn't know either of them very well. I think a time to get to know someone would be anywhere but a wedding. I think of that as a sacred time for close friends and family only.