At 37, will he change his mind about marrying me? Need an outsiders view on a 'different' situation.

Been with my 37 yr old bf for 2 yrs & he's AMAZING. (I'm 27) We live together & have been talking marriage/kids for 6 mo now, even picked out rings/loc/etc. He had a 3 mo assignment oversees, just got back & now he wants none of it. He still treats me like a princess & says he wants to be w me forever, but can no longer see a marriage/family, not w anyone. How can his mind change so fast? (never married b4, no kids) I suggested couples therapy & he's up for it, Im just worried that we're doomed. Could it be cold feet? Over-stimulated from just getting back to the USA? What should we do?

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dashingscorpio says

4 years ago
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