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How soon do you think you should start a new relationship after your loved one dies.

I have a new boyfriend, we new each other 35 years ago. We met again 3 months after my husbands death. My husband was an usher at his wedding. We have been together for 6 months now and could not be happier. We both have good memories of Martin, and I think that helps

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dashingscorpio says

6 months ago
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Alex Hunter says

6 months ago
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beestonsarah says

2 months ago
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    Carolyn (dingyskipper) 2 months ago

    He was divorced about 9 years ago, he got dumped for a new model! He was living with a girl, but was considering leaving as neither of them were happy

    Meeting again is all googles and Facebooks fault. I googled martins old friends when he died

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