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What does it mean to dream about a ghost picking me up?

im like kinda outside with my two of my friends and outa no where I get picked up by a ghost and my friend askes me what happen when she saw the whole thing and I say "wtf did you just not see that! did u just not see them pick me up!" and she didnt reply like if I didnt say anything to hur!

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Author Nicole Canfield (kittythedreamer) says

5 years ago
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    Matthew Ray 17 months ago

    Maybe it was a ghost on earth and has some supernatural powers. Maybe it's a sign for me to work on less hypnosis's so I can try picking up a barrel. Muscles don't always mean strength. Kitty babes only thing going on at home is no weed for 3 days.

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avidix says

5 years ago
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