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An Apology Idea?

Hey everyone, I've had an idea for a while, and I wanted to see what you thought about it. Though I have a deep love for the Church of the body of Christ, I know they've done a lot to hurt themselves, their cause, Christians, and non-Christians. I'm a member of the worldwide congregation, so I thought about forming blogs/video blogs apologizing to the world for specific things the Church has done. I know I'm gonna step on some toes, but think of how many people hate Christians now, because of how poor of an example of Christ we've been lately.... What do you think?

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Best Answer Chloe Davis Smith (nochance) says

4 years ago
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He Who Triumphs says

4 years ago
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    Chloe Davis Smith (nochance) 4 years ago

    You are very welcome. If you did some promotion I think you would be able to get quite a few viewers, just be prepared for the onslaught of unwelcome comments. Don't let them deter you and keep you from working on this project.

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a49eracct says

4 years ago
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