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Have you noticed a pattern in my answers?

It is obvious that I get annoyed with individuals who can only offer a biblical answer to my atheism; and where they presume that I need to come round to their way of thinking? That annoyance shows itself in my answers here in the forums. I am not going to make a judgment on myself; simply recognize what I do and see if it's possible for me to modify my reaction. And my first response is: Does it matter that another person is fanatically christian to the point of denying my choice of "non-belief?" My answer: Only if they physically or mentally threaten myself or someone who is special to me.

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Best Answer Vladimir Karas (ValKaras) says

10 months ago
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    Austinstar 10 months ago

    I rarely venture in to the religious section these days. But sometimes, when I'm bored, I look to see if there are anti-atheist rants going on. Then I mess with them for the hell of it.

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Jeremy Christian (HeadlyvonNoggin) says

10 months ago
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    Vladimir Karas (ValKaras) 10 months ago

    Jeremy - Has it ever crossed your mind that "saving" a non-believer is an insult to his intelligence? How would you like if an atheist wanted to "save" you from "religious delusions"? Would you appreciate his "altruistic intentions"? I doubt it.

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Austinstar says

10 months ago
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    Alan (jonnycomelately) 10 months ago

    Jeremy, we have conversed so many times in the past. I still respect you but continue to disagree with your premises. "What a devastating waste of time and effort ....." Only if you think there is a designer who will be disappointed in YOU.