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Why do most who profess Christianity believe the rapture LIE instead of scripture?

The scriptures say "as it was in the day of Noah, when the flood came and took away the UNbelievers" and there are a great many scriptures proving that the believers are to inherit the earth and not going anywhere. Also the examples in scripture that God always keeps His people THROUGH THE TIME OF TROUBLE AND never REMOVES THEM

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Michael-Milec says

10 months ago
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Lolita Monroe (LoliHey) says

10 months ago
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  • Ericdierker profile image

    Eric Dierker (Ericdierker) 10 months ago

    I just have a short question on this. Does it make a difference regarding how I am to live my life here on earth? I am serious. Because if it does then I care deeply, if not then.....

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Rich Kelley says

10 months ago
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  • chevyssbowtie 10 months ago

    Good analogy, if we're going to heaven Jesus comes out in the driveway (air) to meet us and then we go into His house (Heaven).

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chevyssbowtie says

10 months ago
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  • celafoe profile image

    charlie (celafoe) 10 months ago

    if you read Gen 1:6 you will see heaven is from the earth surface to the waters above. 1 Cor does not say anything about leaving'. for complete

    study see


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