Hello I am new to santeria, am in the process of being initiated, you are right sadly there are...

some people that like to abuse their magic or are phony I had a former spiritualist who keeped on over charging me and saying that my life will be ruined if I dont give him money. is there any other advice on how to learn truthfully about this religion

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FriendofTruth says

6 years ago
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    BabyRey Jimenez 3 years ago

    Hey friend of truth i would like to know about this? Can u.plz tell me more abt it

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Sixto J Novaton (BabaSixto) says

6 years ago
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  • Chrisdelos 2 years ago

    I need to know. If a person has had santo from the age of 6 . An his father doesn't know info of anything cause he threw out everything. How do you get your santos back


Brenda Joze says

3 months ago
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julieg08 says

5 years ago
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