How To Make Yourself Look Taller

Something which is very obvious in this world is that everyone is not blessed with height. But the most common desire of humans is to look taller even if they are short heighted.

Many of wish to get up taller with the new morning but obviously this could not happen. However there are some measures which can be taken to make our body grow taller but this is not an overnight process it takes time to be done as this problem has no quick solution.

Some people are tall some are not but it doesn’t mean that you cannot even look taller. It’s not that hard to look taller than you really are. You just have to take care of the following things for this sake.

Looking taller is much easier by using different tactics of your clothing and many other aspects.

Lose Weight

The first thing which affects your appearance is your weight. If you are short heighted and overweight you will look even shorter. So the first step is to loosen your weight. Have a cool attitude and lots of self confidence.

Correct Posture

The second aspect is the posture of your body. The correct posture will give you long way for the feeling of looking taller. Incorrect posture that has slumped shoulders and bowed backs etc can make even tall people look shorter. So always choose the correct posture that can help you look taller. Always sit straight and stand tall.

To adopt the correct posture you must try to stand straight and walk long. This will help you improve your posture as a result you will not only have an increase in your height but it will also reduce the negative effects of aging and make you look taller.


The choice of clothes is incredibly important in one’s appearance and can make a huge difference. The choice of clothes affects a lot and is the best in how to look taller tips.

Go for a piece of cloth which has vertical line not for that which has horizontal lines. Don’t choose baggy clothes for it looks embarrassing for most of the people but more for the short people.

Avoid clothes that are too tight or can split your body into blocks, and sharply contrasting colors as it will expose the real length of your legs and make you look short. Also wear shoes which make you look taller more likely the shoes which have a heel of at least 1 to 2 inches.

You can also wear different accessories for the purpose of looking taller for e.g. long earrings, long pendants, hats, scarves and sunglasses. You can also wear v-necked shirts or sweaters.


Choice of the right color is also one of the essential factors for looking tall. Choose monochromatic palette when you are choosing your clothes. Choosing one color family from head to toe is the trick of looking long and lean. Light colors help you look more approachable. But to be more commanding and confident, try wearing dark colors.

Hair Style

There are certain hair styles or haircuts which one can adopt to look taller. The most impact is of that style which carries the shorter sides. To appear taller go for a style which is thin at the sides and higher up top, this will make you look an inch taller. Always avoid wide hair styles; they may make you look shorter. 


Most of the times stretching works a lot in making you taller. Most of the people have grown up to 2 inches just by stretching which is a result of lengthening of the spine in a period of months.

People who do this in there teen ages may have this increase in their heights as a result of late growth spurt.

Get A Good, Long Night Sleep

Good sleep can also help you to grow taller than you are. When you stand or sit for the whole day, gravity pulls you down and shorten your height but when you lying down, gravity is unable to do anything on your height as you are parallel to the earth’s surface. And of course good sleep is much more important for your body besides growing you taller.

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profile image

Rachel B. 6 years ago

You are so right about looking taller by having good posture. I see so many people hunched over and slouching. Not only do they look shorter, but also fatter. I'm glad my mom always told me to stand up straight when I was little; now good posture is simply a habit.

hassam profile image

hassam 6 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thanks for sharing your experience. :-)

theherbivorehippi profile image

theherbivorehippi 6 years ago from Holly, MI

Great information. I always feel taller after yoga or pilates so I'm glad you put stretching on here! Nice job!

hassam profile image

hassam 6 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thanks! :)

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