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Adele Cosgrove-Bray is a writer, poet and artist. Her series of Artisan-Sorcerer novels has drawn an impressive cult following.

Her other interests include photography, gardening, needlecrafts and walking with her dogs through the ancient woodlands of the Wirral peninsula in England, where she lives.

She became a member of the Cryonics Institute in 2008.

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      • A Way to Prevent Copying from Hubpages?

        A Way to Prevent Copying from Hubpages?

        3 years ago

        Is there a way to block the ability to Copy articles on Hubpages?  Some websites have this, so that when anyone tries to left-click their mouse to Copy, the process is blocked somehow.  The reason I ask is...

      • Author Interviews

        Author Interviews

        5 years ago

        I am currently expanding my series of author interviews here on Hubpages.  The aim is to develop a diverse collection of lively, interesting Q&A's with as many writers of all kinds as possible, maybe promoting...

      • Dough?  Doh!

        Dough? Doh!

        6 years ago

        I just checked my Hubpages earnings and was disappointed to see I'd earned nothing this month.  Then I remembered it's only the 1st...  Anyone for a coffee? 

      • Ebooks to Replace Paperbacks?

        Ebooks to Replace Paperbacks?

        5 years ago

        Ebooks are changing the publishing industry.  They're also changing the way in which people access books.  For the first time, ebooks are apparently outselling paperbacks; and as the price of ereaders...

      • Literary Events

        Literary Events

        6 years ago

        Those with an interest in fantasy, science-fiction and horror fiction will probably  be interested to learn that Parallel Dimensions, the annual festival of these genres will be returning to Wirral for the third...

      • New subdomains and Ebay?

        New subdomains and Ebay?

        6 years ago

        Now that we have our own subdomains here on Hubpages, will Ebay start accepting accounts here again?

      • Concise, Printable Summary of Hubpages Advert Revenue

        Concise, Printable Summary of Hubpages Advert Revenue

        6 years ago

        At some point most participants in the Hubpages ad program will need a concise and printable summary of exactly how much they've earned during any given financial year, in order to fill in tax forms and keep receipts of...

      • Cryonics


        6 years ago

        Have you considered cryo-preservation?Rather than invite a torrent of ill-informed comments about this issue, the FAQ section at the Cryonics Institute's website will clear up most issues relating to cryonics. ...

      • Critiques Invited

        Critiques Invited

        7 years ago

        Having been here for fifteen months now, I've yet to receive my first cheque from Adsence or Amazon.  Just this morning, thanks to advice in a Hub written by the Bard of Ely, I altered the layout of my Hubs so that...

      • 81st Birthday!

        81st Birthday!

        7 years ago

        My mum's 81 years old today.  If you'd like to say happy birthday to her, please leave a message here:- http://adele-cb.livejournal.com/

      • How to Keep Writing!

        How to Keep Writing!

        7 years ago

        Rejections slips are a part of every writer's life.  There is even a standing joke about how writers have to be able to paper their walls with rejections before their career takes off.So, I'll ask creative writers...

      • Ranking 99!

        Ranking 99!

        7 years ago

        I currently have the score 99 on my profile.  How did I manage that?!!

      • TV Free!

        TV Free!

        7 years ago

        We are now a TV-free household.  Yaay!  I look forward to its absence from our lives.  Not only do I consider TV to be a major time-drain, but 95% of the shows are so boring (and frequently repeated.)Are...

      • Emerging Technologies and Libraries

        Emerging Technologies and Libraries

        7 years ago

        How do you think new and emerging technologies, such as e-readers and e-publishing for example, effect libraries?Most libraries have a computer suite now.  How do you see the increasing dominance of technology...