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  • Kodi for XBMC

    Kodi for XBMC

    17 months ago

    Kodi developed an open source application which is licensed to anyone to use, modify, and study. The source code is accessible to anyone and is encouraged to improve on the design.

  • Investment Income Tips

    Investment Income Tips

    18 months ago

    Here are a couple of ways to get the checks coming into your mailbox (1) Continued flow of income from stocks that raise their dividends on a yearly basis or (Perpetual Dividend Raisers)

  • Chicago Tylenol Murders

    Chicago Tylenol Murders

    18 months ago

    On September 29, 1982, a innocent Mary Kellerman who resided in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, died after taking a capsule of the Extra Strength Tylenol she was only 12 years old.

  • My First Colon Exam

    My First Colon Exam

    18 months ago

    Under the directions of my family doctor after realizing all the issues that had pop up from my lack of irregular check up, she had me do a blood test for scrotum cancer which I did last week and was told that if there ar any issues with the test I will be receiving a phone call, that call never...

  • Wall Framing Basics

    Wall Framing Basics

    17 months ago

    Sooner or later every one who does home improvement needs to build a wall, a floor deck, or a roof.

  • Cigarette Addiction

    Cigarette Addiction

    18 months ago

    Are you battling with cigarette addiction? then you are aware of how difficult it is to stop.

  • Painless Tips For Home Improvement

    Painless Tips For Home Improvement

    18 months ago

    Almost anyone can enjoy and benefit from doing some home improvement projects. Yet, for someone just starting out, choosing the right tool or which permits are necessary and what regulations to follow can be overwhelming.

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    "How To Install Drywall", Sheetrock Installation.

    18 months ago

    The Invention of drywall had almost a large impact on building construction as the internet has on social networking. .

  • Jamaican Flag History

    Jamaican Flag History

    18 months ago

    The Jamaican flag was created on August 6, 1962 when Jamaica became independent from the British protected Federation of the West Indies. The flag was designed with colors of gold saltire, that separated the colors of the flag into four sections:

  • Air Tight Homes

    Air Tight Homes

    18 months ago

    Caulking is at least as effective from the inside as from the outside, and it is far less trouble. Therefore, caulk cracks around windows and door trims from the inside. For electrical outlets on exterior walls, use gaskets.

  • Tips For Choosing A Pediatrician

    Tips For Choosing A Pediatrician

    18 months ago

    Check family background. Know the health history for both you and your partner, it is very important to find out if there are any history of medical problems and genetic or chromosomal disorders such as...

  • Before You Conceive

    Before You Conceive

    18 months ago

    Conception often times sneaks up on couples, removing the preconception period altogether and making those methods pointless. I...

  • Brick Cleaning

    Brick Cleaning

    18 months ago

    The thing to remember is that too much cleaning can be harmful. Years past, sandblasting was popular, but often removed the hardened, baked on outer layer of the brick.

  • Stucco Over Brick

    Stucco Over Brick

    18 months ago

    Apply stucco over brick in two coats. Wet the wall with a hose the night before the first coat is to be applied and again just before the work begins. It is best to apply stucco on a humid, ...

  • Kitchen Updates

    Kitchen Updates

    18 months ago

    To remedy sagging shelves is to take the shelves out and turn them over , and put them back where they were. Or put in a brace or a thicker piece of shelving.

  • Different Types Of Heat

    Different Types Of Heat

    18 months ago

    Hot water. A central boiler heats water that is pumped through 3/4 inch pipes to radiators and baseboard heaters. These System s are by far the most expensive to install in most homes.

  • Food Quality Standards

    Food Quality Standards

    17 months ago

    Food service success depends on the customers' experience and their word of mouth in reference to the experience. Many of us have heard our friends complain of some form of food illness from an establishment.

  • Mortar Joint Repair Tips

    Mortar Joint Repair Tips

    18 months ago

    To test the integrity of the mortar joints, poke them with an ice pick. If the mortar seems sandy and falls out easily, the joints have deteriorated to the point where you have to do something.

  • Home Remodeling Trend

    Home Remodeling Trend

    18 months ago

    Americans, it seems, have fallen in love with purchasing old homes and then renovating them. The national home improvement industry grew from less

  • Plaster Repair Cost Saving Tip

    Plaster Repair Cost Saving Tip

    18 months ago

    Our experience has shown that it is less expensive to replace 50% of the walls and ceilings with sound plaster repair than it is to replace all the plaster and lath and replace it with drywall over the entire surface.

  • Painting Tips

    Painting Tips

    18 months ago

    Homeowners takes painting as their major do-it-yourself project more often than any other task, and with good reason: with a little instruction, almost anyone can paint, even a whole house interior.

  • CeilingMax-Armstrong


    18 months ago

    We flatly don't recommend suspended ceilings. Often they are used as a bandage over major problems (namely, crumbling ceilings) that will lead to continual dust and potential fire hazards until they are fixed. In addition,

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    "Hardwood Floor Installation"

    17 months ago

    The most common repair technique is to cut out the bad flooring using a circular saw and a carbide tipped blade. Clean cut can be made more easily by nailing down a board temporarily as a straight edge.

  • 0

    "How To Refinish Hardwood Flooring"

    18 months ago

    Pretreatment for sanding includes a number of chores. First , replace worn or damaged floorboards and fill any holes with wood cut to size ( a job for professionals or very skilled do-it-yourselfers).

  • Painting Wood Floors

    Painting Wood Floors

    18 months ago

    Colonial floors were usually painted solid colors; gray,dark green, yellow, brown, and terra-cotta red predominated. Between the Revolution and the 1840s,

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    "Home Energy Cost", Variables.

    18 months ago

    Oil is generally, but not always, more expensive than gas as a heating fuel, and an oil fired furnace is the most expensive you can buy. Even so,

  • Air Condition Decision

    Air Condition Decision

    18 months ago

    A central air-conditioning system is not for everyone. In fact, if temperatures rarely exceed 85 degrees F and the humidity is generally tolerable in locale,

  • House Repair Plans

    House Repair Plans

    18 months ago

    Before starting a big home improvement project, it is important to look at what you are trying to accomplish. It is likely to be one or more of the fallowing.

  • House Painting Prepairation

    House Painting Prepairation

    18 months ago

    Peeling or cracking paint generally is caused by moisture getting into the board behind the paint and pushing it off from the inside.

  •  Used building materials

    Used building materials

    18 months ago

    Appliances. When shopping for heavy appliance such as stove and refrigerator, ask outlets if they have slightly damaged models in the back of the store.

  • Asbestos Compliance

    Asbestos Compliance

    18 months ago

    If you suspect lead-based paint take extraordinary precautions, especially with paint dust, even low levels of lead in children can cause permanent brain damage.

  • Important Safety Tips

    Important Safety Tips

    17 months ago

    Wear protective clothing and equipment. Wear goggles when working around debris that may fly into your eyes.


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