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Hey folks ! I'm Cihan,19 years old,I live in Germany and I have just started with Squidoo a few weeks ago. English is not my native language, neither it is german, because my parents are from Turkey. So please excuse my english grammar problems and just tell me what I have written incorrectly ! :) Have fun on Squidoo! You can get infamous, but you can't get unfamous.

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  • Top 10 Basketball Role Models

    Top 10 Basketball Role Models

    5 years ago

    Everyone has a role model, especially when you are an athlete. People always imagin that they are their role model when they are playing the game of basketball. How many times you played basketball with your friends and...

  • Top 10 Basketballs

    Top 10 Basketballs

    2 years ago

    In this article, find a list of the top ten best-selling basketballs. I hope you find out which basketball you prefer among these and purchase it, and maybe this will help improve your game. A good, quality basketball...