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Freya loves writing about all sorts of different topics and subjects like books (Harry Potter series), blogging platforms (Tumblr), anime (Hetalia), tutorials, tips, movies and more. She also writes short stories, poems, philosophical musings and more.

She's made several themes for the Tumblr blogging platform - Fiorella, Rustelia, Sol Aki, Verde Frühling, Mystic Summer and Weiss Zima.

She currently has 5 blogs on Tumblr (her main Tumblr blog, Potter Plotholes, Soyuz Mir, Hetalia Archives and Quote Archives), 1 blog on WordPress (her main WordPress blog) and 5 blogs on Google Blogger (Writing Archives, Anime Archives (Anime Meta), Movies Meta, Writing Sites Meta, and Blogging Sites Meta). Sites she writes for, aside from HubPages, include Niume, Persona Paper, Writedge and Daily Two Cents.

You can also find her on Elance, Fiverr, Twitter and Pinterest.

Aside from updating and writing posts for her current blogs and sites, she's also working on creating more blogs and themes. Check out the site linked to the right for more information.

Feel free to contact Freya anytime to ask for help or just to talk about anything.

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