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The IGNITER vs Corrupted Governments (Ghost Whisper 77)

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"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." ~ George Orwell

I am ready to Roar! Follow the bloody red arrow!

The truth of Salvador Allende & Pablo Neruda! Both of their bodies were exhumed and yet still the perpetrators of these murders hide, lie, deny and continue in evil.

There is a war among us people! Are we sleeping with the enemy? Oh yes we are. Justice WILL prevail! You can not run nor hide from the truth!

I will never back down and I will continue until the truth is revealed. You can never stop the power of God and there is an "appointed" time for everything! Yes! And due season is here!

Let's go to court! You killed him off on paper again and hid him but he is still here in the U.S. 12 hours after Israel was contacted but you can't hide from God. Tick-Tock TIME IS UP! I want to see 'his' body exhumed. Will there even be a body? Nope.

Nazi Dr. Death Aribert Heim has been protected by the U.S. Government, CIA, DOJ and given immunity and a hiding place in the U.S. for the role that he played in the assassination and coup of President Salvador Allende, Poet Pablo Neruda and the thousands who were brutally murdered in the first 911 in Chile.

If you have done nothing wrong and this is not true release the documents un-redacted to the public and to the Chilean government! Lies! Lies! Lies! And let us go to court! I am ready to speak my truth very boldly and loudly!

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