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    Hypnotherapy and the Power of Your Mind for Health

    4 months ago

    Often, when we focus on health, we look at the physical realm for answers. True healing doesn't begin in the body but instead through the spirit and the mind. To master your health, hypnotherapy can guide your path.

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    Criolipolisis, Freezing for Healing, and CoolSculpting for Weight Loss

    6 months ago

    As technology advances, so does the movement back into natural remedies that help the system to shock and transform. The trend in CoolSculpting, also known as Criolipolisis (healing through freezing), is one of the methods that is expanding medical procedures.

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    Breathwork for Healing

    10 months ago

    Sometimes the best ways to heal are also the simplest. These are the things that live internally within us and allow us to heal ourselves and to maintain a higher state of being. Breathwork is one of the techniques that allows us to find a state of relaxation, healing, and wellness.

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    The Cacao Ceremony and Healing Ritual

    11 months ago

    Often, we think of cacao and chocolate as a snack or as a stimulant. And, when it is used in specific ways, that is all it is. When using a cacao ceremony as a healing ritual, the approach and the outcome significantly changes.

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    Detoxing with Ozone Therapy

    11 months ago

    Ozone Therapy is a natural treatment for several diseases and detoxification. The process as well as the understanding of its effectiveness is one that is becoming a leading part of research for effective and natural forms of healing.

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    Colonics for Detox and Cleansing

    13 months ago

    Good health starts in the gut. To regain balance in your body and mind and to stimulate longevity and health, colonics can be used as a staple methodology. These therapies support natural alterations to support your overall well-being.

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    Chakra Healing and Balancing

    13 months ago

    At the core of our awareness is energy. The energy, like each individual, is unique in how it functions and interacts with itself and others. This forms our central chakras and is at the root of all healing.

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    What's Your Avatar?

    17 months ago

    The only thing to solve from a mystery is your own makeup. One way to do this is to explore the world of avatars. Everyone has an avatar self (selves) that guides them into their true destiny.

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    Natural Remedies for Relaxation

    18 months ago

    Feeling stressed? Use these combinations for your health so you can begin to relax from your day.

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    The Science and Biomechanics of Energy Healing: Does It Work?

    9 months ago

    Energy healing has moved beyond the concept of an alternative and spiritual therapy. Science is continuing to showcase how bioelectromagnetics are the heart of healing through the power of energy and touch.

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    Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Immunity

    20 months ago

    Your body is an intelligent organism, capable of responding to the messages we send, Here are the top 10 ways to boost your immune system into a better mode of health.

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    5 Natural Remedies to Cure Anxiety

    23 months ago

    The emotional turmoil of anxiety is one that continues to prevail among individuals and groups. Following are five natural remedies that you can use to begin to reduce and conquer anxiety.

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    Using the Power of Sound to Heal

    9 months ago

    There are ancient and scientific remedies related to sound healing. The process integrates profound methods that can alter the emotional, physical, and mental body to a state of complete transformation.

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    Guide to Acupuncture

    2 years ago

    Ancient remedies combine the science of the body and mind to well-being. Acupuncture is a sophisticated approach to healing from ancient China. With its practice, one is able to release blocks and find a way to complete wellness.

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    Ayurvedic Remedies

    2 years ago

    In ancient India, medicine was developed through a combination of herbal remedies and the relationship to the body. The system of Ayurveda identifies ways to balance your mind and body to its natural state while supporting a state of health.

  • Super Yoga

    Super Yoga

    13 months ago

    Super Yoga™ is a powerful and transformational format of Yoga for the 21st century. It is designed to match the lifestyle needs that we currently face, including stress, anxiety, sleep & health.

  • What Is Kundalini?

    What Is Kundalini?

    18 months ago

    The myth of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is often misinterpreted or undefined. Understanding the power of this energy force also helps to define aspects of our spiritual nature.

  • Bowen Therapy and Alternative Healing

    Bowen Therapy and Alternative Healing

    19 months ago

    Bowen Therapy is one of the most profound types of bodywork. With a small number of movements and adjustments to the body, it is able to alter and align your body back into complete balance.

  • Healing with Massage Therapy

    Healing with Massage Therapy

    23 months ago

    There are forms of bodywork that can move into deeper levels of releasing mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical pain, including massage.

  • Reiki Energy Healing

    Reiki Energy Healing

    2 years ago

    Reiki Energy Healing is one of the most well - known forms of energy medicine. From it's beginning, it has evolved into a renowned method for practicing and assisting with health and well - being.

  • The Process of Transformation

    The Process of Transformation

    21 months ago

    Transformational processes provides guidance on your life journey. Move through traumatic and wounded experiences into one that provides understanding and breakthroughs to your best self.

  • The Reality of Moving Overseas

    The Reality of Moving Overseas

    2 years ago

    Anyone who decides to move overseas can expect two extremes. One is the embrace of a new culture and the other is depression and confusion while moving into a different space. There are large shifts and adjustments that take place over a short...

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    Your Spiritual Blueprint & Soul Mission

    13 months ago

    Our being and our existence is one that returns to spirit and then comes to the body. It is a continuous process of returning to spirit and coming to learn lessons in the form of a body. A spiritual blueprint is the design that we are made from...

  • Shamanic Spiritual Awakening and Transformation

    Shamanic Spiritual Awakening and Transformation

    2 years ago

    There are different ways to catalyze healing and transformation. A powerful tool that can be used is through the process of tapping into spirit, intuition and shamanic methods. This helps one to recognize who they are while assisting breakthroughs.

  • Water and Aquatic Therapies

    Water and Aquatic Therapies

    2 years ago

    Water and aquatic therapies are able to support a balance of health and well-being. The water is known for a natural approach to balance. When combining this with a healing practitioner or series of water exercises which is move the body in certain ways, it assists with a state of balance.


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