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Just another simple, ordinary Singaporean son. I've been through most part of Singapore's education system, making me effectively bilingual (chinese and english). Been to places like US, China, Japan and etc but still loves Japan the most. Am a FIFA enthusiast, a soccer lover. Facinated by tech gadgets. If I had enough money, I would spend it on building a "smart" house, one that welcomes me upon reaching the doorstep.

Dreaming is more important to me than being real. I believe that knowing what you want to achieve leads to what you will achieve. Big dreams, big hopes - perfect formula to crafting a great man marked in the history. To me, failures are inevitable and through these experiences you learn and calibrate yourself to become stronger and better.

I enjoy writing hubs, it allows me to share knowledge with my readers. Love to disuss anything under the sun and I see that this might just be the best place to pen down my thoughts! Sharing is caring, spread the love guys!

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