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Writing is fun. It wasn't always. When I was young I was diagnoes with dyslexia, dysgraphia and non-verbal learning disorder (on the Autism Spectrum). My parents were told I would be lucky if I flipped burgers or changed oil for a living. While there is nothing wrong with either of those two professions, the implication was I was broken. Because my parents are awesome (although as a teen you couldn't have dragged that out of me for a million bucks) they told the teachers who said that were to go and found professional who would help me. I learned that dyslexia has to do with trouble reading, dysgraphia has to do with trouble writing and speaking clearly, and non-verbal learning disorder meant I had a hard time catching non-verbal social ques. Despite the challenges that faced me with the help of teachers, my parents and God I was able to over come the challenges that faced me.

At this time I have successfully completed my degree in Special Education and Social Studies and will be student teaching in the Fall of 2012. I have also owned and operated multiple businesses, making a profit from all of them. As well as writing here on Hubpages, I am a writer and reviewer for TriForce Radio, a gaming forum. My focus and expirtise is mobile gaming. To complement that I am highly interested in mobile devices and I'm learning the basics of Android programming. I also write for the blog Something Geeky This Way Comes.

As you can see I have more than managed to compensate for the challenges (so would call them disabilities) I have faced. But to be honest, the credit does not belong to me. My parents, my teachers and most of all my Heavenly Father deserve the lions share of the credit for my success.

Just having a look at my hubs you can see I write about just about anything from history to politics to cooking to mobile device & game reviews. I love Hubpages for this purpose. I can write about anything that takes my fancy.

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