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  • The Eyes of Gatsby

    The Eyes of Gatsby

    7 years ago

    On the Cover of the novel, the picture of a pair of eyes greets the reader. In the eyes’ pupils are depictions of naked woman. This serves to show the reader what is inside.

  • Sour Milk at Bedtime

    Sour Milk at Bedtime

    8 years ago

    Hannity then took a call...Obadiah Bush, it seems, had risen from his briny grave to find a payphone off the Jersey Shore and begged forgiveness for his kinfolk's wayward ways.

  • 2

    Resurrection...Easter at a Blackhawks Game: 2008

    9 years ago

    For the past 20 years professional sports has had no greater example of futility than the Chicago Blackhawk hockey team. The Blackhawks were to the National Hockey League, what the Washington Generals are to basketball's Harlem Globetrotters... a joke.

  • The Book of Gary

    The Book of Gary

    9 years ago

    On every street, in every neighborhood, of every city, children make up their own "Kinder Society" of a sort. Watching these children at play, one might notice attributes in each child which will follow them for the remainder of their lives. There...

  • Strangers in My Head

    Strangers in My Head

    8 years ago

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before… A psychiatrist, a neurologist, and a priest were sitting in my brain having a few drinks when a clown walks in with a duck on his head...

  • Moonrise at the Waterfront Cafe

    Moonrise at the Waterfront Cafe

    12 years ago

    She seemed to grow increasingly demanding with each drink that she ordered until the moon broke the horizon and let its beam flow towards us on the lake. She got up off her seat and walked up to the rope that separated sea from shore and stared out at the water, and loudly whispered, “Damn him.”

  • Undomiciled Yuletide

    Undomiciled Yuletide

    12 years ago

    Christmas all alone.

  • The Same Old Story

    The Same Old Story

    12 years ago

    As we’re redefining “Eternal.” We leave lessons for cultures to come; We started with Eden, evolved with our greed, Until to our own requiem we’ve succumb.

  • The History of Rock & Roll... Race and Corporate Greed

    The History of Rock & Roll... Race and Corporate Greed

    12 years ago

    What it means is this: That past and ongoing corporate exploitation of individual art and idea is accepted as the American way. It means, in the eyes of Wall Street and Madison Avenue, slavery is still very much alive, and the color of your skin doesn’t necessarily keep you exempt. It means that...

  • The Inebriate's Epiphany

    The Inebriate's Epiphany

    12 years ago

    You'll be rotting, decomposing, and decaying, in your death, just as you did it in your life, and when you get to hell there wont be no-one praying, 'cause your the only one to feel your self wrought strife.”

  • A Winter Day at the Ballpark

    A Winter Day at the Ballpark

    12 years ago

    I hadn't asked him his wish, I hadn't asked him anything, but I think he mistook my biting my burnt lip for a snarl of disgust as I stared out the window. He went on, “In a couple of weeks: the damn crowds, the noise, the traffic.” I still had yet to ask him a question. “Now they want concerts...

  • Pizza & Beer

    Pizza & Beer

    5 years ago

    The sidewalks along Sheridan Road were filled with people curious as to the reason for the fire departments presence. Word of the fiasco spread, and laughter heard along the street was now replaced as heckling chants of, “Puke Fest,” and “The Puke Production,” filled the air. The restaurant was...

  • 13

    Why I hate Florida

    7 weeks ago

    As the sun sinks westward into Texas and the tidal waves recede, a Stepford waitress feels the compulsion to impede the vistaed scape before me. She can't help it, the climate here impels the locals to maintain room temperature IQ. "Of course I want another beer, damn it, I'm a tourist, can't you...

  • Weird Bus Ride Home

    Weird Bus Ride Home

    12 years ago

    By this time, at least twenty minutes had passed and Einstein was pushing Hilton out of the way yelling something about the clock (a reference to an add for Rolex watches we had passed about a mile back...or ten miles, depending on your quantum calender). Hilton, amidst all the confusion,...

  • The Ghost of Jimmy Faust

    The Ghost of Jimmy Faust

    12 years ago

    The photograph was of a man at a table in a tavern. He wore an old weathered motorcycle jacket, and had long straight hair the color of Halloween, or so he thought. The lighting from the camera flash gave his sunken cheeks a surrealistic quality accentuating his large dark eyes, and putting to mind...

  • The Refuge

    The Refuge

    12 years ago

    Bipedal; his hollow eyes expose his missing soul. Lurking in the shadows salivating at a scent

  • The Incident

    The Incident

    12 years ago

    We could believe the images our eyes had seen There was no hidden agenda in any Gospel that was preached But that was once…before the incident.

  • Milton In Hell

    Milton In Hell

    12 years ago

    Within the realm of this Inferno, rest sixty trillion cells. Within each cell of each division, lay sixty trillion Hells. Mathematics put aside, the one singular sin, if you will, that poor Milton had committed, was to bring family into the material of his writing. Satan, who happens to be our...

  • Thoughts on The Assassination of JFK

    Thoughts on The Assassination of JFK

    10 years ago

    It is strange what one can recall in a short period. What is even stranger is the way one can recall it. I can only remember the assassination of President John F. Kennedy through the recollections of the five-year-old child I was on that November afternoon. I can only relate it from that child's...

  • The Autumn Leave

    The Autumn Leave

    11 years ago

    The alphabet was altered, the ABC’s had changed to LSD, or PCP. The public school teachers had a price, at least where Rocky went, and passing grades were bought and paid for, as the assumption was the requirements for higher education somewhere in Southeast Asia already had been met. Then, when...

  • A Tropical Depresion

    A Tropical Depresion

    12 years ago

    I dropped my bike about a mile back and cracked the master cylinder. I was tired, broke…and lost. I felt stillness in the air as I reached the sign before me that read, “Welcome to Largo. “

  • NOW, Is The Time to Remember

    NOW, Is The Time to Remember

    12 years ago

    After all the media pundits have turned from the camera and gone home to their comfortable dwellings, and the politicians have had their moment in the spotlight, and the corporations have made more money on the exact thing that led up to the attack…maybe now, we can reflect.

  • Return To Motorcycle Hill

    Return To Motorcycle Hill

    12 years ago

    Further south along the channel, where the river is within the city limits, there are parks, canoe launches, and paved bike paths. On the other side of the river, in Lincolnwood and Skokie, there is a bike path and sculpture park. On this contested piece of land however, there is no governmental...

  • Idiots, Imbeciles, and Morons

    Idiots, Imbeciles, and Morons

    11 years ago

    What I learned from all of this is that our country is run by morons, and always will be. Imbeciles, like myself, will always listen to the idiots, because, as imbeciles, we trust the idiot more than we trust the moron, we relate to the idiot from our own feelings of inadequacy when put up next to...

  • The Coal Dirty Truth

    The Coal Dirty Truth

    11 years ago

    The plan is to put the gypsum in synthetic liners, while synthetic liners are considered effective at preventing leaks, environmentalists note that the Hatfield's Ferry landfill is less than a mile uphill from the river, and that over time, other types of liners have proved less reliable than...

  • 2

    Quentin Compson's Dilemma

    7 years ago

    In William Faulkner's “The Sound and the Fury,”Quentin Compson lived by the Old Southern Code of Pride and chivalry. In reading his chapter, the reader encounters a man in the midst of a psychological breakdown, which culminates in his suicide.

  • The Corporation

    The Corporation

    12 years ago

    While the documentary delves right into the corporate ownership of natural resources—to name one instance—it fails to offer an explanation of how, in some 150 years, did this happen to come about.

  • Analysis of

    Analysis of " In The American Society" By Gish Jen

    13 years ago

    Ralph did not understand the American worker. He felt that he was the boss, and like his grandfather, deserved the respect his authority dictated. At one point, Ralph's wife says to the girls, "Your father doesn't believe in joining the American society," and then adds, "He wants his own society."...

  • 3

    A Review of "Cinderella" by Anne Sexton

    6 months ago

    In this poem, Sexton's sarcastic tone relies on the use of simile, symbolism, and hyperbole to relate the anonymous narrator's feelings through constant interjections within the context. The subject, Cinderella, is represented as a, naïve, out-of-touch, spoiled brat.

  • The Hot Dog Man

    The Hot Dog Man

    8 years ago

    I thought for a moment that there was some kind of a breakthrough. I thought that… just maybe, there was some kind of magic that actually occurs, in men and boys, when a baseball game is involved. I thought that maybe the idea of a ballgame had made him think of all the good times he and William...

  • 2

    Analysis of Technology and Attitudes in Bram Stoker's "Dracula"

    4 months ago

    While Dracula represents the familiar dark, foreboding imagery of the classic Gothic tale, it is the new attitudes and technologies the novel presents that represent the new modern Gothic, more complex and, in the wrong hands, capable of being more dangerous than any old world transgressive device.

  • Citizen Kane: Search for Identity

    Citizen Kane: Search for Identity

    13 years ago

    In the film Citizen Kane (1941), Orson Welles uses flashback as a form of narration, in which, while effective, can leave the viewer with differing interpretations of the film, two being, was Charles Foster Kane (Welles) the product of the environment he was sold into, and was his abusive father...

  • Lord Byron's Darkness

    Lord Byron's Darkness

    9 years ago

    “Darkness” seems to have been written as a satirical account of what might have been the public’s hysteria during that “Summer of Darkness.” Byron takes advantage of the events of the time, and creates a hellish description of the end of humanity. Around Europe, at the time, fanaticism was growing...

  • 4

    A Freudian Take on "Beowulf"

    6 months ago

    Sigmund Freud divided the human psyche into three parts. If one were to view each division of the Freudian psyche in correlation with each of the monsters in Beowulf, they might notice something intriguing.

  • An Adoptees Quest

    An Adoptees Quest

    9 years ago

    A couple of years ago Illinois State Representative Sara Feigenholtz proposed legislation which if passed would allow for adoptees to view their birth records. In Illinois, as well as much of the United States, adoptees have no rights pertaining to their own heritage, genealogy, or medical history....

  • This is Not Our Father's Garbage

    This is Not Our Father's Garbage

    13 years ago

    Since the onset of automated industrialization, we have converted from a society of economical; throw nothing-away preservers, to a society of consumer-based wasters. We have become the antithesis of common sense, the affliction of our own accountability, and the obliterators of our very...

  • Race and Community in Toni Morrison's

    Race and Community in Toni Morrison's "The Bluest Eye."

    13 years ago

    The reader finds a family; mother, father, sister and brother, but key elements are missing. Father is a drunk, and mother is self-loathing, they are not capable of being nurturing parents or expressing love. Pecola’s only recourse to escape a tragic world without love is to go insane, thereby...

  • 11

    Review of Toni Cade Bambara's "The Lesson"

    6 months ago

    The use of Sylvia as the protagonist gave the story a real quality to it. This is the world as seen through the eyes of a pre-teen, streetsmart kid, and the realization that there was still a lot to learn in an unfair world.

  • 4

    A Visual Analysis of Albright's "Into This World There Came a Soul Called Ida"

    6 months ago

    This is an analysis of Ivan Albright's painting, "Into This World There Came a Soul Called Ida."


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