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With keen business interest and an educator I do dedicate time to write on headline news or topical issues close to heart. I push barriers, write on issues others found politically challenging. I don't mind rocking the boat, digging deeper, climbing higher, challenge the establishments. I've found the medium a useful tool to express oneself to modern thinkers, with an open mind and ready to question the status quo. Though subjectivity has context, it must flow from objectivity in its context with moments of evaluation. Anyone, who is open to something different and have an answer when questioned. My motto, 'all humankind are special, collectively originals, but individually unique beings'. We're not carbon copies of anyone but unjiquely originals. We make our way through a darkened world fill with drudgery, and suffering, but asking for, or offering a helping hand to the dispossed, and loss in need of enlightenment. Never dismissive, unwilling or reluctant to take another's hand or to remove a barrier in another's path.


Professional interests are in education, personal development and enlightenment. Interested in diverse business theories and communication strategy. I relish the opportunity to research and analyze the many aspects of communication strategies. I have an interest in conflict management. I am fascinated with the idea and eager to put effective communication at the heart of the way I teach or do business.

My ultimate goal is becoming a successful entrepreneur with interest in education. I have a long standing fascination with biblical, Israelite and Egyptian history, as I enjoy reading about the ancients penned by well known authors or spending time browsing the internet looking for articles. I have a love for Old Testament writings and other ancient civilisations connecting literatures. Many aspects of communication still occur within two contexts as in a classroom setting, communication is both verbal and nonverbal (body language speaks volumes about feelings and conflict! In business, the most common form of communication is written.

Work experience is mostly in areas of business administration, and teaching, and i'm currently working on a project management model.

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  • Will Christians go to Heaven

    Will Christians go to Heaven

    20 months ago

    How many times have you heard people say they're going to heaven? From where does this concept comes? Well, I will step out of the norm and say openly that no scripture support this concept. I can categorically and...

  • Jews Jerusalem Expulsion

    Jews Jerusalem Expulsion

    20 months ago

    The Hadrian ban on Jews entering “Aelia Capitolina” continued to be enforced until around the 4th century AD. The Philistines nation had occupied five biblical cities of Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron, and Gath,...

  • In Defence of Creation

    In Defence of Creation

    20 months ago

    Some people certainly do have a lot of misconceptions about the bible, and I suspect people who claim lack of evidence about biblical truths are sometimes staring at truths, seeing but not perceiving, hearing but not...

  • A Trembling Cup

    A Trembling Cup

    20 months ago

    Why is Jerusalem such a burden to the world, a hot bed for discussion and creates such conflict between two nations? Countless bible scholars, theologians, historians and news commentators have tried to come up with a...

  • US Medicare Vs. UK - NHS

    US Medicare Vs. UK - NHS

    20 months ago

    It’s in the news a lot about the ills or failures of the National Health Service in the UK, the reason why President Obama has taken on his critics head on by addressing congressional leaders. The President has...

  • Al-Qaeda to ISIS Terrorist Enigmas

    Al-Qaeda to ISIS Terrorist Enigmas

    20 months ago

    September 11, 2001 Eight years on the anniversary of 9/11 the name al Qaeda and its founder Usama bin Laden is a name well engraved in the psyche of western peoples as an international terrorist network. Since its...

  • God the Creator or Evolution Theory? Choose Now!

    God the Creator or Evolution Theory? Choose Now!

    3 days ago

    Scientific Theory The bible reveals categorically mankind came about by intelligent design, not evolved by a series of significant elements coming together, through millions of years advocated by some of the most...

  • Harrassment Clause

    Harrassment Clause

    8 months ago

    European Directive The Church of God (7th Day), endorses the folowing statement of the CCFON and CLC. In association with the CCFON and CLC we recognize the perils of this dangerous Directive that they are clear...

  • Successful Marriage and Religion

    Successful Marriage and Religion

    20 months ago

    Speaking from a Christian perspective I say marriages from a faith community are strongest, deeper and longer lasting because they go beyond the superficialities of life. What is shown to us by skinny models in...

  • Healing in your Struggle

    Healing in your Struggle

    20 months ago

      Healing in Your Struggle? Testimonies of saints through time are God remains forever a deliverer in times of struggle, healer in times of sickness, a tower of strength when human frailties fails. Recent...

  • Cruise Experience

    Cruise Experience

    20 months ago

    Caribbean Beach Caribbean Sunet  Cruizing really is the best holiday I have ever experienced and taken and I wished everyone will have a similar experience as I. Last summer I went with my wife on this cruise...

  • Christ Resurrection

    Christ Resurrection

    20 months ago

    Changes I am sat at my computer listening to the sounds of the rain drops of on the roof and I then looked out across the open fields struggling to be seen above the tall red brick buildings and the bleaker...