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  • Has Liberalism ran its Course?

    Has Liberalism ran its Course?

    2 weeks ago

    In times of international epidemic, not able to travel or see family the resourceful among us find new ways to communicate. But even in liberal societies, we find normal regular liberal activities are restricted. Many have no problem with this as it may be a matter of life or death.

  • Are Christians going to Heaven?

    Are Christians going to Heaven?

    12 days ago

    Does the Scripture teach Christians are going to heaven? How often have you heard people say they're going there? Where does this concept comes? I will step out of the norm and say that no Scripture support this concept. I can positively affirm that no human are going there!.

  • A Trembling Cup

    A Trembling Cup

    12 days ago

    Why is Jerusalem such a burden to the world, a hot bed for discussion and creates such conflict between two nations? Countless bible scholars, theologians, historians and news commentators have tried to come up with a plausible explanation but have...

  • Al-Qaeda to ISIS Terrorist Enigmas

    Al-Qaeda to ISIS Terrorist Enigmas

    12 days ago

    September 11, 2001 Eight years on the anniversary of 9/11 the name al Qaeda and its founder Usama bin Laden is a name well engraved in the psyche of western peoples as an international terrorist network. Since its establishment in the 1980’s it...

  • God - Universe Creator or Via Evolution? Theory or Facts?

    God - Universe Creator or Via Evolution? Theory or Facts?

    12 days ago

    Scientific Theory The bible reveals categorically mankind came about by intelligent design, not evolved by a series of significant elements coming together, through millions of years advocated by some of the most developed minds of our time. The...

  • Women's Lib and the Bible

    Women's Lib and the Bible

    12 days ago

    Not long ago sex before marriage in many societies were seen as shameful and if a single woman got pregnant it was devastating both for her and her family, the shame and stigma they had to contend with. Almost universally abortion was illegal and...

  • Marriage Bliss in Religious Context

    Marriage Bliss in Religious Context

    12 days ago

    Speaking from a Christian perspective I say marriages from a faith community are strongest, deeper and longer lasting because they go beyond the superficialities of life. What is shown to us by skinny models in magazines, newspapers, and they always...


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