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    How do Detergents Work?

    4 days ago

  • Team Building Games

    Team Building Games

    5 days ago

    Divide your participants into two groups. Each of these teams in turn breaks up into two groups, one at one end of the room, the other at the opposite end. Give each of these four groups a knife. Place two ice cubes on a tray. At the signal "Go"...

  • How to Train Your Dachshund

    How to Train Your Dachshund

    4 days ago

    As soon as you get your puppy you can begin to housebreak him but remember that you can't expect too much of him until he is five months old or so. A baby puppy just cannot control himself, so it is best to give him an opportunity to relieve himself...

  • Types of Snakes

    Types of Snakes

    2 days ago

    Most snakes are like one another in general appearance, but vary a great deal in size and color markings. They move by a wriggling movement which presses the horny plates of the belly against the earth and so thrusts the animal forward. Snakes...

  • Indigestion Symptoms

    Indigestion Symptoms

    2 weeks ago

    There are two main forms of indigestion or dyspepsia not associated with any gross structural change in the component tissues of the stomach. One is dependent upon inadequate secretion of the gastric digestive juice, atonic indigestion; and the...

  • Effects of Dust

    Effects of Dust

    2 weeks ago

    Dust is composed of tiny particles of many kinds of solid materials. The particles have diameters of less than 0.0025 millimeters (0.0001 inches); a million typical dust particles would have a total volume equal to about one grain of sand. The...

  • Fats and Their Uses

    Fats and Their Uses

    4 days ago

    Fats are rich energy-giving foods, usually animal in origin. They remain solid at room temperature.

  • How Is Cheese Made?

    How Is Cheese Made?

    5 days ago

    Cheese is a nutritious milk product that is usually made from curds that have been concentrated and ripened. It is high in protein and is also an important source of calcium and vitamin A. Cheese is generally richer than milk in butter-fat, except...

  • How is paint made?

    How is paint made?

    2 weeks ago

  • Dyes and Dyeing

    Dyes and Dyeing

    7 days ago

    There are many theories to explain how dyes become attached to substances. One widely held theory states that the dye and the material being treated combine chemically. Another theory states that the dye is only adsorbed onto the surface of the material. Many chemists now believe that dyes become...

  • Who Wants to Be an Astronaut?

    Who Wants to Be an Astronaut?

    2 days ago

    Astronauts is a term that means "sailors of the stars". Until the beginning of the space age in the mid-20th century the word belonged to the realm of science fiction. However, with the launching of the first artificial satellite in 1957 and the...

  • How Bricks and Tiles Are Made

    How Bricks and Tiles Are Made

    7 days ago

    Bricks are the oldest man-made building material. Early bricks were made of mud, using straw as a binder, and dried in the sun. They were not fired in a kiln. Bricks of this sort were used to build houses in Mesopotamia more than 6,000 years ago....

  • What is Poverty?

    What is Poverty?

    2 weeks ago

    From Bibical to modern times the great majority of people were poor. They were poor, however, in things rather than in food. Except in times of regional crop failures or plague or disastrous wars, there was generally enough food to go around. But...

  • Historical Development of Insurance

    Historical Development of Insurance

    2 weeks ago

    Marine insurance is the oldest form of insurance known, dating back to ancient Babylonia. And life and health insurance is traced to ancient Greece and Rome.

  • 4

    The History Of Typography

    2 weeks ago

    Typography is the art of printing by type, and the art of choosing type faces which are used in the production newspapers, books, magazines, leaflets and webpages. There are virtually no rules in typography, which suggests that it is a true art, but some conventions of the earliest printers still...

  • History of Puppetry

    History of Puppetry

    2 weeks ago

    Puppet shows were a popular form of entertainment in some of the ancient Mediterranean civilizations, including those of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. After the fall of the Roman Empire, theatrical traditions were continued in Europe by puppet shows....

  • Honey, Bees and Beekeeping

    Honey, Bees and Beekeeping

    2 days ago

    Honey is the thick sweet liquid made by honeybees from the nectar they collect from flowers. Honey is stored by bees in their hives and is their major source of food, particularly during the winter. It is estimated that the average honeybee colony...

  • British Army Guards

    British Army Guards

    2 weeks ago

    Guards are the regiments of the British Army that form the Household Brigade. They are the personal bodyguard of the Sovereign. The Household Brigade consists of the Household Cavalry and the Guards Division. The Guards regiments were originally...

  • When was the Telephone Invented?

    When was the Telephone Invented?

    2 weeks ago

    The telephone, or the germ of the idea, goes back to the string telephone every child has played with, in which a tightly held string is stretched between two diaphragms. The scientist Robert Hooke in 1667 first demonstrated that the voice could be...

  • Man Made Marvel - The Sydney Opera House

    Man Made Marvel - The Sydney Opera House

    2 weeks ago

    The Sydney Opera House is located in Sydney, Australia. Situated on Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour, close to the older and equally famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. The building and its surroundings form a globally recognised and iconic Australian...

  • 0

    France after the First World War

    2 weeks ago

    World War I broke out in 1914. France suffered for several years under a succession of weak premiers. However, in 1917, Georges Clemenceau became premier and led France to victory over Germany. Victory came dearly: The most destructive battles had...

  • Some Common Phrases and their Nautical Origins

    Some Common Phrases and their Nautical Origins

    2 weeks ago

    Nautical terms and phrases are specialized vocabulary used in the maritime world. They encompass a range of terms related to ships, navigation, sailing, and the general operation of vessels.


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