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I am a journalist, baathroom singer, bedroom dancer, sweets enthusiast, sushi addict and downright crazy. I have this weird imagination that consists of Tim Burton's characters meets Caartoon Network gang. I love drinking coffee while reading a good book during rainy days but I also love game nights with beer and nachos. I'm fun, free and fab; 3 things that go well with lime, salt and a martini shot.

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  • Nth Love Story

    Nth Love Story

    19 months ago

    How many books do you need to read to achieve the perfect love story with two imperfect characters?

  • Hopeful Hearts

    Hopeful Hearts

    19 months ago

    When you see the man you've thought to be superman your whole life lying on a hospital bed, everything changes in an instant. It feels like your whole life is shattering and all you can do is watch.

  • Memento for the Broken Heart

    Memento for the Broken Heart

    19 months ago

    Believe me when I say this; you're not broken, you're just hurting.

  • Lopez Farm (Nueva Vizcaya)

    Lopez Farm (Nueva Vizcaya)

    19 months ago

    When you're looking into traveling and being one with nature; Lopez Farm should be on your list of places to visit bucketlist in the Philippines.

  • Healing Heart Wounds

    Healing Heart Wounds

    19 months ago

    Somehow, no matter how hard it is, you need to move on, and in time, if you can; learn to love again.