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Marla Turner is a teacher, author, blogger, photographer and Spiritual Empowerment Coach. Her mission is to “empower women to embrace their potential and engage in their purpose, so we can create conscious, soul-centered change."

She specializes in helping her clients tap into their intuition so they can develop a detailed action plan to move forward with their dreams.

Marla has participated in Native American ceremonies and drum circles, specifically having a life changing and healing experience after a Whirling Rainbow Ceremony.

A nun once commented to Marla, that she “must walk closely with God” after realizing how in touch she is with her Higher Power.

She has learned over the years to follow her intuition, making choices that cause others to scratch their heads, which turn into the life-changing catapults needed to move her along a life path filled with dreams, miracles and abundance.

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    Free Online Music for Meditation

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    Meditations for Prosperity

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