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mooboomoo profile image


Joined 8 years ago from London




Also follow me on:

I live in South Tottenham, London, with my husband and our cat's Millie and Cleo. I am a feelance Stage Manager and have been working in theatre for what feels like forever. Strangley though I don't seem to have much to say about that and so far I have only writtle one article about theatre, but maybe some day I will write more.

I joined hub pages in 2010 as I wanted to write about keeping chickens with a view to eventually writing a book, so I published a few hubs and then life got in the way and I forgot about writing. Then in December 2011 I had a stroke of inspiration and started to write about Christmas and how to make it extra special by making it homemade. After that I kept on writing about things I like, things that bug me and recently about things I like to cook. Sadly we have lost our chickens to a fox attack and my cat Roxy died in September 2012 and so seven have became three in our house until Cleo came to live with us.

Hubby liked this idea of sharing our recipes. He was following my hubs, and the comments, and he said to me 'great writing but the photographs aren't good enough'. I agreed, my iPhone is amazing but nothing compared to what you can do with a Canon Digital SLR and a large range of lenses and lighting. So we got out the camera kit, lit the kitchen and set out to photograph our recipes step by step. The best thing about photographing food is that you get to eat it, although it does take longer to cook when you are recording each step so you end up ravenous! We have decided to keep on publishing our recipes and hopefully we will have enough for a book one day. In the meantime please try our recipes and let us know what you think. As summer comes around there will be a whole flurry of BBQ recipes, and when we manage to fit in a camping trip some culinary advice for the camp fire too (it doesn't always have to be sausages and beans).

As you've guessed I love to cook, but I am also very social and love to entertain at home. I also run and have in the last two years completed 5k and 10k races in aid of Cancer Research UK and I am signed up to run the Bath Half Marathon on 2014. I very much enjoy writing, especially about things I care about such my cats and chickens and I enjoy taking photographs, I also have a small business photographing familes and children. All of the images (bar the odd one or two) published in my hubs are by me or my hubby.

I hope you enjoy reading my musings and please leave me feedback - especially if you try my recipes, I'd like to know what you think.

Visit hubby's Photography website

Visit my website

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