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In my 20's, studying Ancient History at Manchester University and has worked in the Security Industy for 9 years.

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  • The Purpose and History of Hadrians Wall

    The Purpose and History of Hadrians Wall

    5 years ago

    Hadrian’s Wall is possibly the most important substantial relic in Britain that is both a National and World Heritage site. From the Tyne to the Solway, spanning 80 Roman miles in length (approx. 73 modern miles),...

  • Archaeological Processes

    Archaeological Processes

    5 years ago

    When planning any archaeological excavation there are a number of methods that can be used to gather information before any soil is touched such as the acquisition of historical maps. Aerial photography is an excellent...

  • A Bonfire of Darkness

    A Bonfire of Darkness

    8 years ago

    Once again it's bonfire night, rockets are whizzing through the air screaming as they go and fires are blazing, crackling hypnotically in the darkness. Children from all over the UK are having a good time burning...

  • Weak Women Vs Disposable Men!

    Weak Women Vs Disposable Men!

    5 years ago

    Like most people when I'm bored I begin to hunt for things to occupy my short attention span and last night an initial sweep of the living room brought me to the DVD rack. I have to confess at this point I have a love...

  • The Trap

    The Trap

    5 years ago

    Anger, hurt, pain, a flash of light as she drove her sword into the stone floor with phenomenal might. Her black hair shimmering by the light of open fire torches mounted high on the stone walls surrounding her....

  • Abortion: No Sin Without Religion

    Abortion: No Sin Without Religion

    8 years ago

    I was sitting in a class today and somehow we got onto the greatly controversial subject of abortion which brought out some adament for and against arguments about womens rights and labelling it murder and wrong and...

  • Random Inspirations: The Hedge

    Random Inspirations: The Hedge

    8 years ago

    It's strange, the lessons we learn in life and where they come from. Today I was trimming the hedge that runs the length of my garden just to the left of my backdoor. It hadn't been cut in a long time and was getting...

  • What A Big Sword You Have!

    What A Big Sword You Have!

    8 years ago

    Homosexuality has many stereotypes, the main being overly effeminate males and extremely masculine females. Today’s society is one that claims to embrace equality in all its branches yet homophobia is still a real...