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Hello world and welcome to my humanity! I hope everyone will have an awesome time enjoying my rants. I have a passion to share what's on my mind. Sometimes I get too absorb in my own thoughts on Squidoo (Now called HubPages) that I must thank my ever loving family for being patience with me. I love you my wonderful husband and 5 loving kids for supporting my rambles. For my loving prince who is in heaven thanks for loving mommy, I love you. Join me on my rants on Squidoo(HubPages) and share what's on your mind. Whiles on the side earn some extra income by sharing your thoughts. JOIN ME and have fun whiles earning income My apologies if any of my rambles offend anyone. This is me and this is who I am. This is just my own personal view and the cup is never too full to enjoy new views or ideas. Feel free to correct my own mindset as well, open to the possibilities. Walking in others' shoes is the greatest thing. I am not a writing expert but I will do my best, i.e. grammar. Corrections are always welcome. ENJOY!

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