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A passionate traveler I find my top places to live at this time are a bit of a dicotomy - Victoria British Columbia in Canada is spectacular but is also one of the most expensive places to live; Boquete in the province of Chiriqui in the the Republic of Panama is also one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on earth and also happens to be one of the Cheapest Places to Live!

Along with my lovely wife I believe these are the best places to live and to retire!

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  • Panama Property

    Panama Property

    7 years ago

    With Baby Boomers aging and on the prowl for warm and friendly places to retire purchasing property in Panama has become a popular choice.

  • Things To Do TV

    Things To Do TV

    7 years ago

    What in the World can I do Today? Let's talk about Things To Do! One fun thing today which is taking the world by storm - actually it's been a fun thing to do for a very long time! - is Scrapbooking. Getting...

  • Best Places to Retire

    Best Places to Retire

    6 years ago

    It's time to update our list for the Best Places to Retire. When this HUB started we looked at the Best Places to Retire in 2009 as presented by International Living Magazine. Let's have a look at their 'Retirement...

  • Cheap Travel Insurance

    Cheap Travel Insurance

    7 years ago

    Cheap Travel Insurance We all have different reasons and needs to feel protected while we ar traveling. Maybe you're on the hunt for Cheap Family Travel Insurance. After all there is nothing worse than a sick child...

  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

    Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

    7 years ago

    You're never too old to travel! Even with the high cost of healthcare driving up travel insurance rates there are still ways to travel and feel safe and protected. It easy to think you're 'over the hill' and too old to...

  • good cheap road bikes

    good cheap road bikes

    6 years ago

    Good Cheap Road Bikes I'm just getting into this road bike thing and I'm learning a lot. So, if you are new like me and you're not wanting to spend a tone of cash on a new road bike you may want to consider shopping...

  • Travel Insurance Deals

    Travel Insurance Deals

    7 years ago

    BMO Travel Insurance You're excited! You just booked your hotel and flight for that dream get-away and at the end of the conversation the agent quickly gives you the pitch on how dangerous it would be to travel...

  • Boquete Panama

    Boquete Panama

    6 years ago

    Beautiful Boquete Panama Boquete Panama is located in the province of Chiriqui. This highland community is also close to the Costa Rican border and is known for it's abundant flowers, award winning copy and a year...

  • Panama Vacation Packages

    Panama Vacation Packages

    7 years ago

    Bridge of the Americas The most popular Vacation Packages To Panama are currently: All Inclusive Vacation Packages to one of the Playa Blanca Resorts - The Royal Decameron Panama, Playa Blanca Beach Resort or...

  • Boquetes


    5 years ago

    Boquete Panama In Portuguese "Boquetes" means a kind of oral sex - I'm not which kind but I do know this makes it a popular search term and the town of Boquete, in Panama, a popular place for Brazilian tourists!...

  • Playa Blanca

    Playa Blanca

    7 years ago

    Most visitors to Panama are unaware that Playa Blanca is in an are known as 'Arco Seco' meaning "Dry Arc". Not only has this region been important to tourism in Panama it's also been important to Panamanians,...

  • Panama City Hotel Rooms

    Panama City Hotel Rooms

    7 years ago

    In Panama's City Center is where you will find some of the cheaper Panama City Hotels. This is the area of Panama which is east and west of Via España, a major retail and commercial strip in Panama City. But don't be...

  • Panama City Hotels

    Panama City Hotels

    7 years ago

    Panama City Hotels First things first, in this HUB we're going to be talking about Panama City Hotels in Panama City Panama not Panama City Fl. So, if you're looking for a cheap hotel for spring break in the Pan-handle...

  • Panama Hotels

    Panama Hotels

    7 years ago

    Panama City Panama Panama Hotels Panama: The Path Less Travelled t's a great slogan for a great country! But if you don't know much about Panama your first thought is probably, 'What are the Panama Hotels like?' It's...

  • Boquete Hotels

    Boquete Hotels

    7 years ago

    Boquete A trip to Panama isn't complete without a visit to the Chiriqui highlands and the beautiful mountain village of Boquete. You may be surprised to find that there are numerous Boquete Hotels to choose from in...

  • Online Travel

    Online Travel

    7 years ago

    Online Travel is now the normal which large and small, specialized online travel agencies. The Third Wave for online travel may make travel agencies obsolete altogether as interactive online travel communities spring up...

  • Specialized Mountain Bikes

    Specialized Mountain Bikes

    7 years ago

    Although I'm a big fan of Specialized Bikes there are some basic tips for buying any kind of bike. If you're a biker you know it can be frustrating and it can become quite a time consuming effort finding the right...

  • Travel Supermarket

    Travel Supermarket

    7 years ago

    Having a 'Travel Supermarket' is such a great idea. Would you like to enjoy major savings on everything from Cheap Travel Insurance to Airline Flights and other Online Travel Services? Online Travel services through...

  • Things To Do in London

    Things To Do in London

    7 years ago

    There are so many Things To Do in London! "The man who tires of London tires of life. For there is in London all that life can afford." Samuel Johnson Well said, Samuel! Truthfully, a trip to London done right...

  • Map of Panama

    Map of Panama

    6 years ago

    Thinking Panama Real Estate? If you're ready to explore the Best Place to Retire and one of the Cheapest Places to Live you're going to need a good Map of Panama. This invaluable tool will also help you know more...

  • History of the Panama Flag

    History of the Panama Flag

    6 years ago

    There is an interesting history that goes along with the Panama flag. It was originally made by a woman named Maria Ossa de Amador. She secretly began making the flag on November 1st in the year of 1903. All of her work...