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possum lover profile image

possum lover

Joined 8 years ago from the backwoods just to the North of South Carolina




One of my purposes here in this world is to create one the biggest & longest hubs that anyone has ever seen before on the hub pages. It been suggested by one of my great followers that this hub may hold the "Record" for the longest hub in the Guinness book of world records. If anyone could help me establish this then please let me know. I realize that it's getting so big now that on some computers it takes a while to load up, which can be frustrating at times, but we ask you to please bare with us. So for now just sit on back and enjoy the wild ride, and don't worry if you don't have the time to finish reading and looking at my work. Because nobody ever has read through this entire hub, and that was my very intention all along. Be careful though because there have been reports of people getting lost in this hub. But don't worry, we'll send out a possum search party to find you. The Wonderful World of Possums is all about having fun here on the hub pages, and we're not doing this for a single solitary penny, so please just enjoy your time with us all here, have some fun, and let us introduce you all to some real Southern hospitality............As most of you know by now, it was decided by someone at the hub pages that the Ole Possum hub needed to hit the road. So when you fall of of a bike, the best thing to do is get right back on, and ride. So now at the 2 year mark, that's what I decided to do. This time with a whole new topic. One that just about everyone is familiar with - the Grand Canyon. I don't expect it to beat the unofficial record for the longest hub, but it's going to come in at a close 2nd. I'd now like to introduce you to the second longest hub on all of the hub pages - Grand Canyon Pictorial.

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  • Hub Page profile for sale

    Hub Page profile for sale

    4 years ago

    Yes you read this title correctly, and I'm selling my Hub Page profile to anyone with the best offer. Interesting trades are also accepted, and given serious consideration. It's a win win situation to everyone involved in this once in a life time...

  • Straightening out a little fender bender

    Straightening out a little fender bender

    5 years ago

    A fender Bender is simply a collision involving motor vehicles that results in minor damage to the cars involved in the accident. Unfortunately fender benders are sometimes an everyday part of our lives. Straightening out your car back to the way it...

  • Exactly what is the future of the Hub Pages with all of these new changes?

    Exactly what is the future of the Hub Pages with all of these new changes?

    4 years ago

    I had to take a short temporary break from silence to write some about the new changes that are occurring around the hub pages. Changes are just the natural order of things in our lives. One change concerns the new profile page design that took...

  • The Old World of Possum Festivals

    The Old World of Possum Festivals

    4 years ago

    There's one real big advantage to writing here on the Hub Pages that you won't find anywhere else on the world wide web in today's world. In the writing world it's like being high up in the sky on an airplane. You don't have to worry about what...

  • Grand Canyon Pictorial

    Grand Canyon Pictorial

    4 years ago

    The Grand Canyon is a mystical, and a very magical place in this world. The Grand Canyon is as fascinating to mankind as fire. Odd shapes, and brilliant colors have been cut out of solid rock over the coarse of time. Thanks to the mighty Colorado...

  • Secrets on how to get followers on the hub pages

    Secrets on how to get followers on the hub pages

    16 months ago

    My good old Possum hub has finally gone to the wayside here at the Hub Pages & I have no hard feelings about it what so ever, and actually I'm very relieved. It was really getting to be too much work to maintain. I'm not going anywhere right now,...