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  • Deep in my heart ventricle
 You are dwelling
 As like as nature in the universe.

    Deep in my heart ventricle You are dwelling As like as nature in the universe.

    6 years ago

    Deep in my heart ventricle You are dwelling As like as nature in the universe- Do you like listening to music of cuckoo In the shadow of pre-morning nature To take a deep breath, Radish light spreads in the East Spring flowers underneath...

  • A Silent Love

    A Silent Love

    8 years ago

    The love I felt silently When you were apart And can't speak to you, I felt the love for you, Through my heart & veins; Once we felt each other Without having spoken word The absence of you make me Felt like a piece of me was missing. ...

  • Only You

    Only You

    8 years ago

    No she's off My beloved ; Where 're you Leaving me alone , Your comparison Only You There is no analogy ! You 're deep in the heart of Become my absolute soul Why do not the chest ; You are my past You are my present I hope that the And some do not...

  • Climate Change & Bangladesh

    Climate Change & Bangladesh

    8 years ago

    Bangladesh is frequently cited as one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change because of its disadvantageous geographic location; flat and low-lying topography; high population density; high levels of poverty; reliance of many livelihoods...

  • Terminology of Radiation Balance

    Terminology of Radiation Balance

    8 years ago

    Solar Energy radiation Budget

  • Environmental Multi-instrument

    Environmental Multi-instrument

    9 years ago

    Eddy Covariance and Static Chamber-Methane and Carbon Dioxide Flux measurement instrument with different environmental parameters measuring sensors installed in a paddy field nearby Bangladesh Agricultural University campus. Methane (CH4) is the...

  • Never Say

    Never Say "I Love You"

    4 years ago

    Never say "I Love You" If its not really Inside your heart. Never pull me towards you If your love for me Does not last. Never talk to me About the feelings If all of those are lie, Never hold my hand If you are a cheater And...

  • From you I learned to love

    From you I learned to love

    9 years ago

    (True love is a divine gift)

  • White Clouds, White Clouds

    White Clouds, White Clouds

    4 years ago

    White clouds, white clouds; Go where my beloved lives. Stay above her in the sky, Whose smile leaves me in awe. Let her know how sad I feel, Let her know without her I`m nil. CLOUDS WHITE stick ups 19 big decals...

  • Terminology of Disaster Managent

    Terminology of Disaster Managent

    9 years ago

    Disaster : Disaster An event, either man-made or natural, sudden or progressive; the impact of which is such that the affected community must respond through exceptional measures. Acceptable Risk: Degree of human or material loss that is...

  • Stop Destroying Natural Beauty

    Stop Destroying Natural Beauty

    10 years ago

    If you see beautiful girls chewing canes And scattering its fibers everywhere Tell to them, Beautiful Ladies, Will n’t you love to live in an environment As beautiful as yours? They will swallow that and will stop. If you see a poacher who is...

  • 7

    How to Write Research Proposal- An Example

    11 years ago

    Title of the proposed research: Supply Water Quality of Tangail Municipality. 1. Background of the proposed research Water is very important abiotic component of the environment. Without water life on earth would not...

  • 8

    Use of Remote Sensing for Environmental Management

    5 years ago

    Remote Sensing Image The environment virtually encompasses everything in the world around us. This includes natural, physical, biotic and abiotic as well as human socio-economic features. Geographers have long claimed interest not only in the unity...

  • Who can prove that, Two/Ten=2

    Who can prove that, Two/Ten=2

    11 years ago

    Logical & Interesting Question-Who can prove that, Two/Ten=2? Some questions are easy to answer by all; some logical questions make people thinking, everyone can`t solve them. Here is a logical and interesting question- Problem: Who can prove...

  • About Butterfly

    About Butterfly

    11 years ago

    The butterflies are insects loved by everyone because of their colorful wings. Once upon a time there are about 165000 species  of  butterflies were found throughout the world, of which around 200 species were occurred in Bangladesh. A butterfly...

  • Effects of Toxicants on Population and Ecosystem

    Effects of Toxicants on Population and Ecosystem

    9 years ago

    1.Concept A xenobiotic species is one that is foreign to living systems. Common examples include heavy metals, such as lead, which serve no physiologic function, and synthetic organic compounds, which are not made in nature. Exposure of...

  • 30

    Introduction and Scope of Remote Sensing

    3 years ago

    Learn about the science of remote sensing. Remote sensing is defined as the measurement of object properties on the earth’s surface using data acquired from aircraft and satellites.

  • Toxicology-Chemical Nature of Toxicants & Biochemical Transformations

    Toxicology-Chemical Nature of Toxicants & Biochemical Transformations

    12 years ago

    Toxicant Poison or toxicant is a substance that is harmful to living organisms. A toxicant is a chemical compound that has an effect on organisms. Toxicants are typically introduced into the environment by human activity. ...



    12 years ago

    POLYMERAGE CHAIN REACTION (PCR)    a. INTRODUCTION The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a biochemistry and molecular biology technique for exponentially amplifying DNA via enzymatic replication, without using a living organism (such as E....

  • Steps of Research Methodology

    Steps of Research Methodology

    12 years ago

    RESEARCH  METHODOLOGY Introduction to research methodology: Research methodology at a glance­­­­­­______ PHASE- 1A» What? STEP 1: Formulating a research problem. PHASE- 1B» How? STEP 2: Conceptualising a research...

  • Legal Aspect of Environmental Resource Management

    Legal Aspect of Environmental Resource Management

    12 years ago

    Legal Aspect of Environmental Resource Management Introduction: Population of the world is increasing day by day but resource is limited. Human have been using resource, environmental or natural resource, from the beginning of their life...

  • She who is my love

    She who is my love

    8 years ago

    She who is my love Greets me with a smile, And leaves me with a kiss. If she were to ever leave me, I couldn't imagine what I'd miss. May be it's his touch, Or the way she makes me feel. But what ever it is, I'm head over heels. There are...

  • How much I love

    How much I love

    8 years ago

    Your hands Long fresh tender grass Your eye`s quiet smile; As Finger is the Rose Blooms How much I love!! Meadow`s perpetually green grass Put pieces of white clouds The blue sky; Makes you want to walk too For your delicate hand ! Finding...


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