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  • Do You Use Windows?

    Do You Use Windows?

    2 months ago

    You’ve probably heard it said, that “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. That being said means to me that we possess the ability to see into someone’s soul and simultaneously through the use of our imagination create any panorama that we desire as we look from the soul out through these same “win

  • Narcissists Will Never Celebrate Your Victories

    Narcissists Will Never Celebrate Your Victories

    3 months ago

    As I began to learn to take ownership of this ever-present malady that was bankrupting my life, it was far less challenging to pay homage as often as the opportunities presented themselves.

  • Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

    Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

    3 months ago

    You see, perhaps like you, I was ok until I wasn’t ok. With the charm and smile of a young James Caan in the Godfather, I could play the role(s) very well. Coupled with my devious narcissist tendencies, I kept my tanks filled because gas-lighting was my specialty.

  • Are You Tolerating the Enemy

    Are You Tolerating the Enemy

    4 months ago

    Until we truly get a grip on the fact that we do not fight against flesh and blood, the enemy will keep us in a bubble, rendering us ineffective when it comes to what spiritual warfare is really about. Destroying the works of the devil is our mandate, but there are rules of engagement.

  • Heaven is Listening

    Heaven is Listening

    4 months ago

    Needless to say, his lifestyle caught the attention of Heaven. It’s not to say that our prayers and supplications are deficient in ascending to Heaven, but let’s be real, when was the last time that you had an angel show up in a vision and say to you, "Your prayers and alms have ascended as a memori

  • Will You Trade Me?

    Will You Trade Me?

    4 months ago

    Many of us could certainly be nominated for an “Academy Award”, for the myriad of characters and faces that we so often bring to the stage of life, in the process of having our corners swept and layers peeled away.

  • From the Head to the Heart

    From the Head to the Heart

    4 months ago

    If you don’t believe there’s a hefty cost in store as we migrate on this journey being transformed into the likeness of Jesus, perhaps on more than one occasion you may have declined an invitation within the invitation?

  • Step Right up and Spin the Wheel

    Step Right up and Spin the Wheel

    10 months ago

    While most of what I become aware of surrounding this subject is chiefly negative, there are positive, healthy benefits that narcissism can offer to those that are really in tune with themselves. We all carry narcissistic predispositions, however my personal journey and experiences with others has u

  • Should Matthew 18 Be Applied in Marriage?

    Should Matthew 18 Be Applied in Marriage?

    10 months ago

    While some may not agree that Matthew 18 is applicable in Marriage, I have personally discovered that if one of the partners is willing to approach their spouse when a conflict arises, with the intention to to resolve the matter utilizing this method given to us by Jesus, there can be great benefit.

  • Let's Get Naked!

    Let's Get Naked!

    12 months ago

    Oftentimes we are gripped with terrifying fear when it comes to being transparent and vulnerable. There are a myriad of reasons that we conjur up to justify not being open and many are legit. But what happens when we face our fears and begin our journey to freedom?

  • 0

    "Will The Real Narcissist Please Stand Up"?

    13 months ago

    I spent a large portion of my life in complete bondage, imprisoned and hopeless without seeing any possibility of truly getting free. Not until I was able to come to grips with what I was dealing with and take corrective action. With the proper tools and determination I was able to get free.

  • 2

    "God, Where Is My Helpmate"?

    14 months ago

  • When Was the Last Time You Wrestled an 800 lb. Gorilla?

    When Was the Last Time You Wrestled an 800 lb. Gorilla?

    16 months ago

    “Success is like wrestling an 800 lb Gorilla. You don’t quit when you’re tired, you quit when the Gorilla is tired”

  • Am I a Thermostat?

    Am I a Thermostat?

    16 months ago

    So often, we find ourselves in environments that are either too hot or too cold, totally unaware that we have the innate ability to change the actual atmosphere. Once we discover and learn how to use our innate power of intention we begin to enjoy creating vibrant live ambiances everywhere we go. ;)

  • Everything Is a Test

    Everything Is a Test

    16 months ago

    None of us will escape the battery of tests that come our way. Pass or fail, the next one is looming over the horizon. Are we ever really prepared for the tests of life? How do we study for them? How do we equip ourselves with the right supplies to score high in the school of hard knocks?

  • 0

    "Ladies and Gentlemen This is Your Captain Speaking"

    16 months ago

    "Dad, how come that chain is not even attached to the elephant but he doesn't try to run away, isn't he free to just roam about?" "Yes son, He is, but you see, that elephant has been trained to believe that he is bound".

  • Compete But Don't Compare

    Compete But Don't Compare

    17 months ago

    Constantly Competing and Comparing with our spouses can become very toxic. Whats behind the curtain? Insecurity, low self esteem? Those are only two, of many that I found at the core of me. I was not about to allow myself to sabotage my marriage so I determined to find the was humility.

  • The Ultimate Power Harnessed

    The Ultimate Power Harnessed

    17 months ago

    We know that Power and Authority are destructive in the wrong hands, but in the right hands can be such a catalyst to radically and drastically changing the very course of an individuals life. To whatever degree you have been gifted with these two "weapons of mass construction", use them wisely. ;)

  • Maintaining Balance

    Maintaining Balance

    17 months ago

  • Holy Shift

    Holy Shift

    17 months ago

  • How to Get a Head in Life

    How to Get a Head in Life

    17 months ago


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