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Update as of July 13, 2012:

Robin Layne received her BA in English with a minor in writing from Portland State University (Oregon) in June 2012. She earned a certificate in editing online from UC Berkeley the following August. She does freelance editing and as Robin Layne Enterprises..."for writing that sings," and for Barking Rain Press. (Go to my Writing That Sings website for all the links mentioned in this bio.)

Robin loves fiction, and is presently working on a YA vampire series. Her research on vampire folklore and literature inspired two of her Hubs. For years she was managing editor of a mental health activities newsletter. She enjoys writing plays, poetry, and songs as well as nonfiction. She does most of her writing at the computer in her room, inspired--and sometimes annoyed--by her shrill-voiced cockatiel, Angel.

In 2000, she created the desktop-published Enlarging the Tent: Poetry and Prose by Robin Layne to benefit Good Samaritian Ministries. In 2011, she printed a second edition. A few copies arwe still available for sale.

Robin has two zines (do-it-yourself booklets), for sale. The first is an anthology from a Write Around Portland Seasoned Writer's group, in which she has two pieces of flash fiction. It's called Repeat Offenders. The second is her own creation, mostly illustrated by herself, titled A Chracter Sandwich. It features short pieces about fictiional characters sandwiched in between pieces about herself. Her next zine, Turtle Soup: On Finding My Voice, Issue 1, will soon be available.

In August 2009, she won AuthorsbyDesign.com's Twisted Fairytale contest. Read the winning story, "Mother of All Good Children," at AuthorsbyDesign.blogspot.com. In May 2006, she won her first contest on AuthorsbyDesign for "Blood Ties," a short story based on her novels-in-progress. When she read this story at Kumoricon that year, it won "best original fiction." Characters from the same vampire series are included in the first two zines mentioned above. You can read more about the series on her Wordpress blog. She also has a Goodreads author's page with a blog called "From the Red, Read Robin."

At Portland state Spring term, she took a book editing course, and then took publishing studio for two terms, on staff at Ooligan Press, the college's student-run book publisher--the only student-run trade book publisher in the world. She worked primiarily in the editing department.

A note to those who have read my grammar/punctuation Hubs, especially Life Without Grammar: I feel I was a bit rough on people who struggle with these issues. This doesn't mean I advocate improper or sloppy writing by any means. But some of the books I have been reading about the subject show a compassion I lacked when I wrote the past articles. It is hard to get all the rules right. But I think if we want to be taken seriously as writers, business people, teachers, etc., we ought to care enough to edit what we write, and to get help with it if we need to. Spell checker and grammar checker can't catch everything. And we ALL need help at least from time to time.

Okay. Off my soapbox now.

I am a single mother of a 24-year-old daughter who moved to Florida, and later to Illinois. Yes, Robin is an empty nester! My daughter is an artist who specializes in manga and anime (Japanese style comics, graphic novels, and animation), and she did three of the illustrations in A Character Sandwich.

The apartment we used to share was largely taken over by my daughter's cat Zidane, who you may remember from the addendum to Cats I Have Loved. He grew big and buff, tore up the bathroom hamper with his claws, left litter all over the bathroom floor, and ambushed people when they walked by. Altogether an amusing and beautiful cat. Now that my daugther and her cat are gone, Angel can come out into other rooms of my new apartment.

A big thanks to all readers who encourage and sometimes correct me. You are all needed. I wish I had more time to read other Hubbers' work.

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