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    Abortion: Where Both Sides are Wrong

    14 years ago

    From my experiences as an unwed mother, I have learned that the labels and slogans on both sides of the abortion debate miss the point. Here's why.

  • Life Without Grammar: A New Babel

    Life Without Grammar: A New Babel

    15 years ago

    I’m one of the rare perfectionists some call grammar Nazis. The more I see commas in between subjects and predicates and apostrophes to indicate plurals, the more I shake my fist and cry, “What do they teach in these schools?” Everyone is writing differently, disregarding all the rules. It’s the...

  • Common Comma Confusions

    Common Comma Confusions

    15 years ago

    Comma misuse, like apostrophe misuse, is a plague that drives me crazy. I’m not the only one, but I’m in therapy to overcome the trauma (just kidding). The purpose of a comma is to indicate certain kinds of pauses. I say certain kinds because, although comma usage is sometimes optional, one cannot...

  • Love Me Blind: Imaginary Lover 2

    Love Me Blind: Imaginary Lover 2

    15 years ago

    Matthew returns in this second installment of my series of Love Stories with Poems--eventually to be replaced by someone more real and loving than could ever be expected.

  • Imaginary Lover: First in a Series of Love Stories with Poems

    Imaginary Lover: First in a Series of Love Stories with Poems

    15 years ago

    This is the first of a series of love stories told in prose and poetry. My first love poems were about someone I invented who was very real to me and very dear. Sometimes we have to step outside ourselves and look in to get--and give--the nurturing we need.

  • My Childhood Poetry

    My Childhood Poetry

    15 years ago

    This article is about me—not the current me, but the little me. The me who created an illustrated book of poetry at age 10. I recently rediscovered this treasure and have begun publishing some of the poems within.

  • What's with These Crazy Christmas Carols?

    What's with These Crazy Christmas Carols?

    15 years ago

    Ever think twice about the carols we sing each winter? As a singing bell ringer, I have plenty of time to consider the lyrics. Some are glorious, some funny, some downright strange. Here we focus mostly on strange. Also features a video of me singing my own verses to "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas."

  • Cats I Have Loved

    Cats I Have Loved

    15 years ago

    Cats who have owned my family and me have invaded our home and hearts, been snuck in as stowaways, made us laugh, and even inspired poetry. Why do cats make such special pets?

  • The Lighter Side of Vampires

    The Lighter Side of Vampires

    11 years ago

    “Dracula Sucks,” reads a bumper sticker I’ve seen around town... Did you know that vampires can be downright hilarious? From the obsessive-compulsive habits of folklore's traditions to modern novels and films, sink your teeth into your own funnybone with these examples. Accompanied by original...

  • Apostrophes for Dummies

    Apostrophes for Dummies

    13 years ago

    I’m a stickler for correct punctuation and word use. It seems like the rest of the world is not. Read some of the basic rules for use of apostrophes, with examples, peppered with humor. First in a series.

  • Random Writing on a Dare

    Random Writing on a Dare

    15 years ago

    Okay, so a person I don't know has dared me to do a free writing... Writing on writing, writing on relationships, writing on spontaneity.

  • Small Things, Great Love

    Small Things, Great Love

    15 years ago

    Have you ever seen an angel? This was a question posed by someone on HubPages. This is my answer, regarding some encounters with Heaven in everyday life.

  • Gabriel: Remembering an Exceptional Cockatiel

    Gabriel: Remembering an Exceptional Cockatiel

    15 years ago

    It's said that one should not replace a lost pet too soon, because it will never live up to the first pet's memory. Even after many years, I cannot find another bird like Gabriel. Read how remarkable he was!

  • Vampires: Folklore vs. Fiction

    Vampires: Folklore vs. Fiction

    15 years ago

    Test yourself to see if you know which traits of this revenant are from folklore, which from literature that authors and filmmakers created later, and which fit both.


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