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  • Lessons from the Storm

    Lessons from the Storm

    5 years ago

    senizah Let it go Let it grow Let it be free Learn to believe In the chaos of the moment when fear turns into vice live the coalescing shadows that turn warm blood into ice In screaming desperation we grab and grasp and...

  • Eternal Moments

    Eternal Moments

    5 years ago

    Just a simple little thing that popped into my head while i was moon gazing :o) surprised by joy empty of fear take off your shoes for God is near drink in the colors breathe in the song cherish the moment for it won't last long...

  • 19

    Forged in Flame

    5 years ago

    Forged in flames love is formed chiseled n hewn and pounded by storm treacherous path without a rope 'cross rocky crags down slippery slopes through deserts parched we cling to hope battles inner and outer fought clash of wills harmony sought...

  • Christmas Selah

    Christmas Selah

    5 years ago

    This was a journal entry that became a prayer/poem :o) Beautiful One... into darkness you come leading the captives free Do you see me? On bended knee pleading for a glimpse of sun? Holy One... Gods own son out of ashes you bring new life Grief...

  • The Greatest Christmas Story

    The Greatest Christmas Story

    5 years ago

    I was thinking lately about how fond we humans are of our childhood fairy tales. We seem to have this burning desire to hang onto something noble and good and heroic and magical. And I was thinking that, like Peter Pan and Wendy, we regretfully...

  • Purgatory (The Reality)

    Purgatory (The Reality)

    5 years ago

    Doodled by Michelle Cooper Purgatory we stand inside two worlds a foot on either side caught between within a dream we painfully abide we shout into the vastness of a universe so mute we laugh we scream we paint the scenes we hopefully refute ...

  • 6

    The Willow

    5 years ago

    "A bad tree cannot bear good fruit and a good tree cannot bear bad fruit" ~Jesus~ The willow weeping throughout the day folded boughs as if to pray bowing head with tresses long to hide the shame of her lost song lift up the tresses and steal a...

  • M7E


    5 years ago

    M aybe upside down aybe downside up aybe there is joy that could overflow a cup 7 is for all that's true is unending is perfection-ever it is mending E ver wished upon a star? ver seen it's glow? ver dreamt a star-kissed dream n known that it was...

  • Will Determination Desire

    Will Determination Desire

    5 years ago

    Drawn by Samanseer Will... Determination... Desire... Will... of earth is hewn a stone birthed tune that drives me ever higher Determination... Resounds a drum that pounds without it need is dire Desire... ...

  • Directions


    5 years ago

    Samanseer "i am at such an odd crossroads kind of place in my life and heart right now, pulled so many different directions, such huge variations of shadow and light in here atm that i have no direction"... Do I write shadow? Or do I write light? ...

  • A Childish Observation

    A Childish Observation

    5 years ago

    ~Ashtyn Renee' Photography~ Once upon a windswept day i saw a sunbeam smile i asked him what he was doing there endless clouds for miles n miles He chuckled at me n skipped away to dance on a childs face "don't you see" he said to...

  • Vision Quest for a Heart of Fire

    Vision Quest for a Heart of Fire

    2 years ago

    Ashtyn Renee' Photography Vision Quest for a Heart of Fire She stands among the bodies of the dead, the dying, the wounded; strewn across the ground like leaves of autumns' trees-as far as her eyes can see... She scans the distant horizons for...

  • Moons Tears

    Moons Tears

    5 years ago

    Ashtyn Renee' PhotographyMoons Tears Day is long n lonely n Night is dark n cold n Moon she hides her face; ashamed of Suns reflection- that should but doesnt show. Sky without her stars, hangs from farthest heaven like eyes without their soul, ...

  • Dilemma of the Merfolk

    Dilemma of the Merfolk

    5 years ago

    Dilemma of the MerFolk Two worlds sing us A sirens song And we are torn between: Of Earth and Light and legs running strong Or tails that glide swiftt through night... ...Of Horizons moonbeam, Sunshines fair stream ...


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