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New HubPages Ad Program Invites

The second wave of invites has been sent - and more are on the way!

Yesterday and today, a second wave of invites to the HubPages Ad Program was sent out.  Check your inbox and you just might find that you can now opt in to the HubPages Ad Program and choose to earn revenue directly through HubPages in addition to Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, and HubPages' other affiliate programs.  

If you haven't received your invite yet, no worries!  You will be getting one soon, and in the meantime, you can always keep busy by participating in the weekly HubMob, voting in the HubNuggets and Top of the Class contests, Hub Hopping, and prepping for our April contest!

Happy Hubbing :)

Simone Haruko Smith
Community & Marketing Manager

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Taking a Family Photo Shoot

Taking a Family Photo Shoot

by JaimeDawn76 published 4 days ago

Each time I think about taking a family photo shoot I cringe on the inside; then I get excited. I cringe because I know the preparation that precedes each photo shoot. I also know the potential drama that can...

How to Choose a Parking Space for Your Car

How to Choose a Parking Space for Your Car

by shogan published 2 days ago

I know that I think about parking far more than I should. Perhaps it's an errant chromosome or a childhood trauma, but either way, on some deep, primitive level, I feel like when I find the perfect...

How to Win the Writing Competition at Hubpages

How to Win the Writing Competition at Hubpages

by Mark Ewbie published 4 days ago

Writing is not just about soul searching and that empathy stuff - it's about winning competitions! A top author reveals all.

Managing an Employee With a Learning Disability

Managing an Employee With a Learning Disability

by Beth Mollenkamp published 4 days ago

A manager came to me the other day and asked, “What if I suspect an employee of having a learning disability? Do I have to look the other way regarding his poor performance?” There seems to be a...

Natural Disasters in the 1960s

Natural Disasters in the 1960s

by Tina Truelove published 3 days ago

Natural disasters leave widespread devastation. They negatively impact the local area of destruction and the entire world. People loose their homes to destruction, commerce halts, businesses suffer and lives...

Successful People Who Were Once Told They Were Failures

Successful People Who Were Once Told They Were Failures

by revmjm published 5 days ago

Have you ever had a dream and people told you to keep your day job? Have people rejected your idea of what you knew was your calling in life? If so, you are not alone. A lot of famous and successful people did...

Homelife in the Early 20th Century: The Kitchen

Homelife in the Early 20th Century: The Kitchen

by SilverGenes published 2 days ago

The old photographs make kitchens look beautiful, artistic and enviable for their simple and organic textures. Sounds from the street would drift through the open kitchen window; children playing, horses...

How To Store Cashmere & Wool Sweaters

How To Store Cashmere & Wool Sweaters

by Jeanastra published 5 days ago

It’s Spring! Well, for those of you who live in places with more moderate climates, maybe, but here in New England, we hold onto our sweaters well into June. Like most people I know, I don’t have the...

Delicious Healthy Apple Muffins

Delicious Healthy Apple Muffins

by Nicole Winter published 6 days ago

My daughter brought a recipe home from Chef Lindsay, who visited her school and taught them how to make some very tasty apple muffins. Incredibly easy to make, I felt like with a few modifications they could...

Are Games Like World Of Warcraft Bridging The Gaps Between Us And Our Children?

Are Games Like World Of Warcraft Bridging The Gaps Between Us And Our Children?

by Elearn4Life published 6 days ago

Could virtual games like World Of Warcraft pull families back together? For year in today's society families have been growing farther apart and parents make a poor attempt to speak the language of minors not...

How the definition of marriage has changed over time

How the definition of marriage has changed over time

by J D Murrah published 3 days ago

The concept of what marriage is and what it means to people has definitely changed over time and from culture to culture. This brief overview traces how the concept of marriage has changed over the years...

How to Talk to Rude People

How to Talk to Rude People

by shogan published 4 days ago

There are so many potential sources of stress in our lives: our jobs, money, family, politics. Dealing with a rude person nosing into our affairs is usually the last thing we need, and yet it happens so often....

The Spring Equinox, Also Known As Ostara: Its Meaning & How to Celebrate

The Spring Equinox, Also Known As Ostara: Its Meaning & How to Celebrate

by kittythedreamer published 5 days ago

The Spring Equinox is knocking on our dew-stained windows...beckoning us to remember its once mystical and spiritual existence. Unfortunately, the Spring Equinox has been close to forgotten, except by the...

Spring Cleaning Doesn't Have to Be a Chore

Spring Cleaning Doesn't Have to Be a Chore

by revmjm published 4 days ago

Like it or not, spring cleaning doesn't have to be a chore. Sprucing up for springtime is easier and might even be enjoyable with a well thought out campaign.Think of the things you need to do and do them in...

What is the Difference Between Hubpages Answers and the Hubpages Forums?

What is the Difference Between Hubpages Answers and the Hubpages Forums?

by wychic published 6 days ago

Hubpages is an excellent site to share your knowledge and ideas in a number of different ways. The first and most popular way is through creating your own hubs, which can garner comments from the community at...

Some of the Best Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Some of the Best Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

by tehgyb published 5 days ago

Before we can focus on improving your credit score, you must first understand a little bit about your score, how it relates to you and how it is calculated. Your credit score is a number calculated by a very...

Bunny Moments: Pleasures and Perils of Owning and Caring for a Rabbit

Bunny Moments: Pleasures and Perils of Owning and Caring for a Rabbit

by toknowinfo published 2 days ago

What do you need to know before you adopt a bunny rabbit? The Unconditional Love of Having a Bunny Among my menagerie of pets, I have a sweet rabbit named Peaches. He is a long floppy eared bunny, also known...

Japan:  No Looting

Japan: No Looting

by Writer David published 4 days ago

There are many comments made in the aftermath of the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami. After witnessing the videos of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami, I am honestly at a loss for words. I have been around a...

The Search for Modern Happiness: How to Deal

The Search for Modern Happiness: How to Deal

by Alexander Pease published 2 days ago

Imbalance. Ying and Yang, Light and Dark. What does it mean to be out of balance? Well, being out of balance means that you are not synchronized with yourself and the world around you. People who are out of...

How To Hunt Wild Turkeys

How To Hunt Wild Turkeys

by Mike Outdoors published 6 days ago

The Wild Turkey is probably one of the most challenging and exciting animals to hunt in North America.  The wild turkey was hunted to near extinction starting in the first half of the 20th century. ...

Facebook Email and Text Messaging

Facebook Email and Text Messaging

by WryLilt published 5 days ago

Facebook is one of the most well known social networking sites on the internet. In 2010 it claimed the title of most searched term on the internet. And now, Facebook has taken another step towards making...

Mount Everest and the Quest for Its Summit

Mount Everest and the Quest for Its Summit

by sligobay published 4 days ago

Reach for the summit in all that you do. Gilgamesh was our earliest Sumerian literary character who set out alone on a perilous journey in his grief over the death of a friend seeking immortality itself. ...

Pro Tips

Take Care with Keywords

Keywords are terms that searchers might use when they're looking to find information online, so when you are writing about any given subject, you will want to be sure to include keywords that searchers often use regarding that subject in your Hub.

For example, if you write a Hub that includes a flourless chocolate torte recipe, you might want to include the keyword "flourless chocolate torte" and "recipe" in your title, and in your text here and there.  You might also use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to discover other common keywords people are using when looking for chocolate torte recipes.  You may discover through the keyword tool that people are using the term "gluten-free chocolate cake" and you may then include that keyword somewhere in the text of your Hub (because most flourless chocolate tortes are indeed gluten free).

Though paying attention to keywords is important, some people go a bit overboard, over-using them or using them incorrectly.  Here is a quick run-down of the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to keyword use:

  • The Good:  Using keywords in one's title (so that one's Hub is more likely to show up in relevant search results) and thorughout the text of the Hub when appropriate
  • The Bad: Adding keywords to titles and text just for the sake of adding them, even when they're not relevant
  • The Ugly: Keyword stuffing - adding so many keywords into a Hub that they actually interrupt the flow of the article and make it look like spam

In short, it is a great idea to use keywords - but only use them in a way that improves your writing.  For a more detailed guide on how to best use keywords, visit Keywords: How Best to Use Them in the HubPages Learning Center.

For more helpful guides and tips, visit the HubPages Learning Center

Hubber to Hubber
marie mckeown

Marie McKeown, From Ireland, 44 Fans, 27 Hubs, Joined 4 weeks ago

An Interview with Marie McKeown

One of HubPages up-and-coming Hubbers shares more about her background & writing

1. First, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am from Ireland and I am living on the island again at the moment, having been away to all kinds of places in between - Spain, East Asia, South America and New Zealand. In my day job I coordinate a peace-building community project in Northern Ireland where every day is different - one day I could be hosting an exhibition of a quilt made by a women’s group to celebrate the shared history of Protestants and Catholics in their area, the next day I’m teaching a friendship and respect workshop to 8 year-olds. This variety means I’ve learned about all kinds of things which can hopefully be turned into future Hubs!

2. What first brought you to HubPages?

I found myself in a position where I was looking to build up a second income stream, something on-line that I could take with me to another country. At first a lot of what I came across when I searched for ‘make money online’ had more than a whiff of ‘scam’ about it. I was excited about the idea of making money from writing online articles because I have always loved writing, but I didn’t like how some sites want you to sign away copyright of your work in exchange for a couple of dollars - then you never earn a penny from them again.

Eventually I found my way to Hubpages and I loved the business model, the sense of community and the elegant look of the site. Out of all the options, Hubpages seemed to be the one that really champions quality writing. And I liked the informative, witty and sometimes surprising hubs that writers on the site were publishing. I joined a month ago and I’ve been happily hubbing ever since.

3. What inspires you to write?

I get inspiration from all sorts of places - stories I hear at work, books I have read, and random thoughts that pass through my head! Writing really seems to be part of who I am. I don’t feel like myself if I haven’t taken time to write for a while so Hubpages is a great platform because the Hubscore encourages me to keep writing, as does the community of supportive fellow-writers who give useful and inspirational feedback.

4. You offer some fantastic guides, recipes, histories, tips, and explanations in your Hubs. Do you do research for your Hubs, or just write about subjects in which you are an expert?

I’m still finding my way on this, but so far I’ve found that my Hub-writing flows best when I pick a subject I already know something about. Then I can sketch a plan of what major points I want the Hub to cover, and fill in any gaps in my knowledge with research. When I joined up I started following a few very experienced Hubbers so I could learn from how they puts Hubs together and also figure out what I liked in a Hub.

I like Hubs that tell me a bit of a story, not just a list of dry facts, but that also give factual details such as interesting statistics, a map, or where to find further information. So that is how I try to write my Hubs as much as possible.

5. Many of your Hubs are about Irish culture, history, and foods. What are your favorite things about living in Ireland? Have you always been interested in all things Irish?

I have always had a strong interest in Irish folklore, history and cultural traditions. There is history everywhere in Ireland - ruined castles, stone-age monuments, and legends about valleys and forests - and that has inspired me to find out more about my ancestors past.

My favorite things about living in Ireland are the beautiful landscape, the wonderful wit and humor of the people and our unique folk traditions such as Irish traditional music, dance and sport. Not everyone gets born into such a rich cultural inheritance, and the more I have traveled the more I have come to appreciate my home country.

6. Are there any particular things you hope to write more about in the future?

I have lots of ideas and plans for future Hubs. I write them down in a big book so I don’t forget them! Apart from continuing to write about ‘all things Irish’ I plan to write more under food and travel, and maybe share some of the creative writing tips I have picked up from going to classes over the years....

Hub Nuggets

This Week's HubNuggets

This week KoffeeKlatch Gals and the rest of the HubNuggets gang got together for a picnic to work through the HubNuggets nominee list - but a big gust of wind blew all of the nominees away!

Though they had to brave a haunted house to recover them, the team managed to collect the HubNuggets nominees from the Health, Books, Literature, and Writing, and Travel and Places categories. Have a look at the winners below! 


49% nybride710

Stonewalling: Passive-Aggressive Anger Expressed Through Silence

This isn't a fun way to live. Picture for a moment two young children getting into an argument, with one of them stomping off and shouting, “I'm not talking to you!” and then ignoring the other child...

17% essiheart

Lung Cancer and My Mother

Her name was Debbie Heart, and she was my mother. My whole life, I always looked up to her. She worked at the Village of Skokie, helping senior citizens on a daily basis. She was dedicated to happiness, in...

14% Gigi Thibodeau

Five Tips for Curing the Winter Blues

They creep in around mid-January every year: those awful blues. No matter where we go or whom we talk to, folks grumble about feeling run-down, depressed, and simply "over" winter. And for those of us who...

      Books, Literature, and Writing
37% danalah

The sisters

 As they stood in shock staring at the old man -who lay shrivelled on the floor, the blood pouring out of him- he moaned as his body jerked around. Marissa felt only sorrow for him. She had known this man for...

20% Motown2Chitown

How To Lose a Reader in 10 Seconds

A good number of you are familiar with the Kate Hudson movie titled “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”. If you are not, let me say that as movies go, you’re not missing much. It’s a kind of watery,...

16% To Start Again

E-books? E-gad!

     I am a Paperback Purist. At least that’s what CBS Sunday Morning called me. I love the feel of holding a real book in my hands. I love to peek at the top and see how many pages I’ve gone through....

      Travel and Places
60% Nicole Breit

Day Trips from Vancouver, Canada

One of the beauties of Vancouver is its proximity to a number of nearby hot spots. Here are five easy daytrips from Vancouver - some are the secret pride of the locals (until now).

19% Marie McKeown

Redheads and Rebels? The Truth Behind Irish Stereotypes

The Irish must be one of the most stereotyped groups of people on the planet. There are the semi-positive ones: leprechauns, red heads and being great storytellers. Then there are the negative ones: heavy...

9% 2ndlife

A Road Less Taken

One of the reasons why I enjoy traveling is when I come across a hidden paradise in a corner of the world that is virtually untouched by an abundance of tourists; it makes me feel like Marco Polo, discovering...



  HubPages Fun Fact: The Amazon is home to the greatest number of bird species on Earth! http://hubpages.com/hub/Bird-Photography-in-the-Peruvian-Amazon

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