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Buy a CatGenie at a Discount Price - Watch These Videos!

Updated on October 3, 2012

Get a CatGenie on sale at a discount price!

Are you familiar with the CatGenie? Love your cat but hate handling cat litter? And what about the inherent smell of having a kitty or two sharing your home? Cat litter has definitely come a long way from what it was several years ago, including products like Fresh Step litter, clumping cat litter, cat litter crystals, and automatic litter boxes, but there’s still all the mess and bother involved with handling traditional litter boxes. Consider the CatGenie.

Now there’s a revolutionary new product on the market that does practically all the work for you! It’s called CatGenie. CatGenie is an automatic litter box that uses permanent washable granules that resemble cat litter. Note, however, these particles are washable. That means they’re used over and over again. With CatGenie, you’ll never have to buy cat litter again, or smell it, or empty it, or handle it at all!

Cats love CatGenie. Why? For one thing, cats have a natural urge to dig, especially when nature calls. The CatGenie granules simulate loose soil or litter, so your cat feels perfectly at home. Digging in the CatGenie medium satisfies your cat’s natural urges.

How does CatGenie work? When you purchase the product, simply hook it up to a cold water source and plug it in an electrical outlet. When your cat urinates, the liquid is drained away and flushed. When your cat defecates, the electric arm scoops away the solid waste. It’s then liquefied and flushed away.

When the cat is finished and exits the CatGenie, the basin fills with water and the electric hand cleans and scours both the basin and the granules. The cleaning solution that’s used is perfectly safe for your cat, and it cleans, deodorizes, and kills germs in the basin and in the granules! How cool is that?

All the mess gets flushed away, leaving your home forever! And after everything’s been thoroughly cleaned, a hot-air blower dries everything. This product is really amazing!

Do you have more than one cat? No problem. Just one CatGenie can handle up to three average-size felines. The device takes up about the same amount of space as a traditional litter box and can be set up in a bathroom or laundry. Actually CatGenie takes up less space than most self-scooping litter boxes. Also, CatGenie is totally safe for septic systems.

How green is CatGenie? Think about it. Kitty litter is mined from the earth, just like coal. Then it has to be processed and packaged, usually in plastic bags. After that, it has to be shipped around the country, using additional fuel. Used cat litter is contaminated, and some eight billion pounds of it a year end up in landfills. This amazing amount of cat litter never breaks down, either. CatGenie is much greener than traditional litter!

Some cats like their privacy while they “tend to their business.” If that’s the case with your coy kitty, order the GenieDome, a cover for the basin. Scented cartridges are also available for the CatGenie 120 model.

If you'd like to see how CatGenie works, watch the two videos below. I think you'll agree that this is by far the best way to handle having indoor cats sharing your home. There's no mess, no smell, no having to purchase cat litter, and your cats will love it. Actually, you'll probably love it even more than your cats do.

Some people have even taught their dogs to use CatGenie! Watch the third video below to see a small pooch using the CatGenie. Oops! Sorry, that video is no longer available. Suffice it so say that if you have a clever small dog and some basic dog training skills, you can teach the pup to use the CatGenie. more cleaning up dog poop or pee, no more walks in the rain, and no more having to take your pet out for bathroom breaks in the snow and ice.

How do you know you and your cat will love CatGenie? The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee, plus there’s a two-year warranty! How can you go wrong?

Now, what if you can get all this at a discount price? The Amazon prices for the CatGenie are much lower than even the prices on the manufacturer's website! The basic 120 package sells for $329 on the CatGenie website, but at Amazon, it's on sale for the discounted price of only $237!

Buy your friend a CatGenie!
Buy your friend a CatGenie!

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