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Dog Kennel - Choosing the Best Type for the Safety & Comfort of Your Dog

Updated on February 21, 2010

If you own a dog, chances are you consider your pet to be not just an animal but an actual family member. And like a family member, you want to do whatever you can to keep them safe. Many people allow their dogs to sleep in bed with them, and a surprising number even buy gifts for their dogs on birthdays and holidays. No wonder many dog owners are uncomfortable with the idea of using a dog kennel to confine their canine friends. Yet there are occasions when it may be required in order to provide secure containment to keep your pet safe. Knowing what type of kennel or crate you need before you actually have to use one can save you time, money and stress.

Flickr image by Jimw
Flickr image by Jimw

Important Buying Tips

The term dog kennel is used to describe a broad range of dog containment options. Here is a list of some of the more common synonyms that are used interchangeably.

  • Dog Carrier
  • Dog Crate
  • Dog House
  • Dog Exercise Pen
  • Dog Boarding Kennel
  • Outdoor Dog Kennel
  • Dog Kennel and Run
  • Dog Containment

When shopping for dog kennels it's best to "Think Outside the Kennel." First make a list of all the reasons you may need contain your pet before you even think about what type to buy.

Once you have your list in hand you will be truly ready to choose the best type of kennel for your pet.

Indoor Dog Kennels

Many times what seems like a challenging problem can be solved with a simple solution. For those occasions when you need to safely confine your dog for short periods of time within your own home, such as when you are having a party or your children are hosting a sleep-over, a portable dog kennel that you can place in a back room or den may be all you need.

An added benefit is that many can also be used to keep your dog safe while traveling. If you opt to use a wire dog crate you may want to check into using dog crate covers. They provide extra comfort for your pooch while enabling to you color coordinate an otherwise stark wire cage with your decor.

Flickr image by DogersMom Photography
Flickr image by DogersMom Photography

Outdoor Dog Containment

If you need something more permanent to prevent your dog from escaping into traffic, a chain link dog kennel might be right for you. Most fencing companies can install a large dog kennel to your specifications at a reasonable cost. If you chose this option, most pet owners will also put a dog house inside the enclosure to provide shelter from the elements.

An internet search should provide you with many workable dog kennel plans to fit your situation. If you only need a small dog kennel, you can purchase one that is pre-made which you can easily assemble yourself.

Outdoor dog kennels have an advantage over portable ones in that your dog can get plenty of exercise and sunshine and still be safely confined. This is important for dogs that can’t be trusted not to chew your property to pieces if you must leave them alone in your home for extended periods or when you’re at work.

An outdoor dog pen may be the best solution for you and your pooch.

Kennel Options for Travel

If you will be traveling with your dog you will certainly want a kennel your pet. A dog in unfamiliar territory can easily become "spooked" and run off and be unable to find its way back or worse may run into traffic. Airlines also require that large dogs traveling below be contained in airport approved dog kennels and smaller dogs to be in pet carriers that can sit under the seat. Be sure you check airline regulations if your travel plans include flying with your canine friend. Your dog carrier must meet their guidelines or your pooch will not be allowed on the plane even with a reservation. You could even miss your flight!

Dog Boarding Kennels

When a situation arises requiring you to travel out of town without your pet, a dog boarding kennel might become necessary. While some people choose at-home pet sitting services, boarding kennels have their own advantages. In addition to keeping your dog safe while you are away, many such facilities also offer training, grooming and playtime options to keep your dog healthy and exercised in your absence.

Next time you need a safe and convenient way to contain your best friend; don't feel guilty about placing him in a dog kennel. It provides a safe and comfortable retreat for your dog and peace of mind for you.

Dog Exercise Kennels

Using dog pens or exercise kennels may be a good option for your pet, but be warned some dogs will need to be trained to stay in this type of kennel.

And if you have a particularly strong willed dog be prepared to spend more time training your dog to stay in the pen. If not properly trained you may wind up with a "houdini" on your hands that will continually escape this type of dog play pen.

So just be aware that if you are not able to put the time into properly training your dog you could be very disappointed with this containment option.

Visit Dog Supplies Advisor for more great information on caring for your dog.


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