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Find the Perfect Dog Carrier for Your Lifestyle

Updated on February 21, 2010

Traveling with pets has never been easier. With hundreds of dog carrier designs available on today’s market, and prices to suit any budget, individuals and their pets can travel together in style and comfort.

Even air travel with pets is now easier than ever before. Although airlines are stringent about the dimensions of carry-on items, pet accessory companies have responded to this challenge by developing airline dog carrier lines which are approved by most airline companies, and feature multiple airplane-specific conveniences.

Examples of these special airplane features include carriers specifically designed to fit under plane seats, as well as carriers with rollers for those long walks when transferring between terminals.

Plastic Dog Carrier or Kennel
Plastic Dog Carrier or Kennel

Airline Dog Carrier: Tips for Flying with Your Pet

  • Did you know that if you show up with a dog carrier that doesn’t meet your airlines standards you could miss your flight because they will not let your pup board the plane!
  • Some airlines will allow you to bring your small pet on board if he is contained in an appropriate tote that fits under an airline set.
  • Your furry friend will be required to stay in his carrier during the entire trip. If this is the first time your pet will be confined in a carrier and might want to spend some time getting him used to it before you fly.
  • Larger dogs will not be permitted to fly with you in the cabin, and will require a hard plastic airline approved carrier. You will want to make sure that your dog has sufficient water and any comfort items like a crate bed and his favorite toy.

Dog Carriers for Every Mode of Transportation!
Dog Carriers for Every Mode of Transportation!

Individuals that are planning to bring their dogs with them on the road would be well-advised to look into dogs carriers that also function as car seats.

These double-function carriers ensure that your dogs are comfortably enclosed during travel, making the general travel conditions for all passengers safer. They will also ensure that your pet will be protected in the case of abrupt stops, sharp turns, or accidents. Consider these carriers like a seat belt or car seat designed especially for your pet.

Some individuals simply want to have their dog by their side during those long days away from home. For this purpose, carriers with specific dimensions or features are not always necessary.

Combination Dog Carrier / Dog Car Set
Combination Dog Carrier / Dog Car Set

For small dogs, consider using a backpack or purse dog carrier. For larger pets, look into a dog carrier tote. These daily carrier options can be purchased in every imaginable color, fabric, or style, and can prove to be quite attractive accessories.

Get a Pet Sling or a Dog Backpack for Hands-Free Convenience
Get a Pet Sling or a Dog Backpack for Hands-Free Convenience

Most often these carriers, instead of having a zippered screen, will have a designated opening for the dog’s head, allowing your pet to breathe freely and see everything that you see, as well as receive the inevitable admiration and attention of passers-by.

Considerations, in addition to the functionality of your carrier, which you may wish to include in your search, include the reliability of the carrier label, the carrier’s décor (for example, color scheme, patterns, or logos,) and the degree of comfort that it will provide you and, more importantly, your dog.

Front Dog Carrier - Great for Senior Pets

Discover how traveling with your senior pooch can be fun, easy, and rewarding with the right pet carrier.

With the purchase of a dog carrier that meets all of your convenience and style needs, you will wonder why you hadn’t made this valuable acquisition a long time ago. 

Visit Dog Supplies Advisor for more great information on caring for your dog.


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      Brumnick 7 years ago

      Great Guide!

    • infoguider profile image

      infoguider 7 years ago

      My dog is little, so I can always carry him around in my backpack!