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Palomino Mares for Sale and Palomino Stallions for Sale

Updated on May 11, 2011
the palomino stallion
the palomino stallion
palomino mare and palomino foal
palomino mare and palomino foal

Palomino Mares for Sale and Palomino Stallions for Sale

Finding a good Palomino for sale doesn't have to be a difficult task. Yes, it may seem overwhelming at first figuring out where and how to correctly find Palominos for sale, but with a little bit of help with solving where, who, and what Palomino horse you'll buy can actually be a very simple task indeed. All you have to do is well... I’ll help ya out! That’s why I wrote this page anyway! Here’s all the instructions you need to find the Palomino horse of your dreams.

Basic Information for Palomino Mares for Sale and Palomino Stallions for Sale

First off, you have several options for how you can purchase your newest Palomino horse. You can either search for Palominos for sale through...

One of my favorite ways for buying horses is simply by viewing and checking out various types of advertisements. There are plenty of wonderful ads out there on Palomino horses for sale. The real question however is which advertisement style is the best way for you to choose your new horse?

Well depending where you live, you can check for either Palomino mares for sale or Palomino stallions for sale in your local or statewide newspapers. Generally speaking though, if you're trying to buy a horse, your best shot is by checking statewide and regional newspapers on a regular basis rather than looking at strictly town newspapers.

To me the easiest, best selection, and most efficient way of finding decent to the highest of quality Palominos for sale is by checking through Internet ads and searching the internet. Now, if you're going to buy your Palomino mare or Palomino stallion from off an internet horse breeder, only buy from very experienced and highly qualified Palomino horse breeders. If whoever is advertising their horses for sale doesn't specialize as a Palomino breeder specifically, I would be slightly more cautious of individuals or groups qualifications for selling horses (at least in most cases).

Palomino Mares for Sale and Palomino Stallions for Sale on Ranches

Ranches are often a great place to purchase Palomino horses. Just make sure that it's highly qualified horse farm first that is. One reason why horse farms tend to be a great place to buy Palominos and horses in general is because the animals on the farm have had plenty human contact and they probably will display friendlier, better rounded temperaments and personalities.


Palominos for Sale

- What to Look for When Buying a Horse

Keep In Mind - If you're not that experienced with horses or picking out new horses for sale, bring either your horse trainer or your riding instructor with you when buying a horse. However, it's important to always bring at least a friend who has knowledge on horses with you. I don't recommend going alone for various reasons, which I'll get to later.

Observe the Palomino horse in its stable. How does the Palomino mare or Palomino stallion look?

Then, ask the horse owner if he or she can take the horse out for you. Let him or her put the collar on the Palomino for sale. Pay close attention. How is the Palomino horse acting? Is this a well behaved animal or does it seem nervous, anxious, or short tempered?

Of course you and your friend need take observation of the Palomino mare or Palomino stallion and how healthy it appears. Gently feel the horses legs to makes sure that all of the joints are fine and that there are no lumps.

Watch the Palomino walk and run. Does there seem to be an uneven pace in any of the horse’s gaits? Is there even the slightest of a limp with the horse? Does the Palomino walk and move forward in a straight motion correctly?

Try riding the Palomino horse. Make sure that you seem comfortable on the mare or stallion for sale. Take a few practices runs and jumps with the Palomino as well or perhaps give the person who comes along with you a practice ride as well to have an extra opinion on hand.


Do you like the Palomino for Sale?

If you end up liking the horse, then I say go with it, unless you're still considering on viewing a few other Palomino mares for sale and Palomino Stallions for sale as well in the near future. Now if you do decide to go with whatever horse you pick, it's important to have a thorough vet examination and etc... on the Palomino or the Palominos before investing your money with the horse or horses. If all turns out well, then you've found yourself the perfect Palomino match!



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    • profile image

      Kimber 6 years ago

      Is that palomino mare still for sale? Is she kid safe and how much are you asking?? Thanks

    • Safety for Pets profile image

      Safety for Pets 6 years ago

      Palaminos are gorgeous. That mama (or papa) with her mare is priceless.