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Chazz's Pet Pages: Everything About and For Dogs and Cats

Updated on February 9, 2015

My Dog and Cat, Puppy and Kitten Related Pet Pages

Two kittens adopted us about 7 years ago, but it was not until we were recently adopted by our first puppy that I really went pet crazy -- and my growing collection of pet pages about everything related to dogs and cats (and those who love them) needed a home of their own.

That's what this page is: A directory with links to all of my pet articles about cats and dogs including adoption, animal charities, dog and cat supplies, toys, grooming, sweaters, beds and treats. The list is still growing and I will be adding more pet pages about everything related to cats and dogs and dogs and cats.

This page also includes some adorable photos and videos, the latest news involving dogs and cats, some of my favorite pet quotes, some fun quizzes and polls, and a few of my pets' favorite things.

Most of the information on my pet pages about dogs and cats (or, if you prefer, cats and dogs) is based on personal experience which is reflected in my choice and review of pet stories, pet supplies and pet products. As my cats age and my puppy grows to adult dog-hood, I am sure I will be adding informative lenses relevant to new issues as we encounter them.

Perhaps most of all, the articles you will find on the pages gathered together in this directory are a tribute to that special bond between humans and the pets who graciously allow them to think they're in charge (at least some of the time). This page is lovingly dedicated to Nietzsche, Chibi and Mouse.

Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.

— Colette

For Cats & Kittens

Our cat Chibi
Our cat Chibi | Source

Unique and Imaginative Gifts to buy or make for Cats & Their Pet People

If you know a special cat and the humans they let care for them (since, as every cat owner knows, the cat is in charge), you will find this page informative, entertaining and fun in addition to finding the Purr-fect gift for any occasion.)

We've created this page to raise money for the ASPCA, Humane society, and TLC animal shelter. (We have two cats we adopted from the local SPCA and they are amazing companions and great fun. You can see one of our cats, Chibi, in the photo on the right.)

This page includes funny cat videos, adoption information, recommended reading, and our personal selection of Unique and Imaginative Gifts to buy or make for Cats & Their Pet People

Our cat, Mouse, enjoying her pet-safe heated cat bed. (Yes, we have a cat named Mouse!)
Our cat, Mouse, enjoying her pet-safe heated cat bed. (Yes, we have a cat named Mouse!) | Source

Pet Safe Electric Heated Cat Beds & Pads

Warm, Efficient, and Therapeutic

Keep your little kitty warm during the cold winter months with these great Pet Safe Electric Heated Cat Beds. Heated beds are also great for older cats. The heat is therapeutic for joint pain and joint stiffness and especially helps if your pet has arthritis.

You can also buy Pet Safe Electric Heating Pads to place under your cat's present bed so they can reap the comfort and health benefits of heat. Either way, cats enjoy snuggling into their toasty warm beds.

These Pet Safe Electric Heated Cat Beds have special chew resistant cords so your cat will be safe from electric shock. They are made of durable materials to withstand clawing and scratching. Electric Heated Cat Beds are comfortable for every cat of any size and age and come in many different styles to match your room's décor and your pet's preferences.

 Chibi's sister, Mouse.
Chibi's sister, Mouse. | Source

Best Holiday Gifts for Cat Lovers

From Birthdays and Christmas to Valentine's Day

Are you looking for the Best Gift Ideas for someone who loves cats?

Then look no further!

This page showcases some Great Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers - and even for the cats themselves!

This page also includes funny entertaining cat videos and adorable cat pictures to bring a little fun into your shopping experience.

I care not for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it.

— Abraham Lincoln
Retro Style Cat Clock with Moving Eyes and Tail Pendulum
Retro Style Cat Clock with Moving Eyes and Tail Pendulum

New & Retro Style Cat Clocks for Cat Lovers Make Great Gifts

Cat Clocks are a popular item and make great gifts for cat lovers of all ages. If you are looking for New & Retro Style Cat Clocks, you will find the best most popular as well as some of the most unusual cat clocks here. From bedside alarm clocks to clocks for your desk, mantle, or wall, we've got a wide variety of styles from deco and disney to whimsical -- we've even included some cat themed wristwatches!

Have fun while browsing by taking our polls, watching a video, and finding more cat-related information.

One might say it is the time of the cat (pun intended) and so we thought what a better way to feature cats than writing about cat clocks. From the classic vintage tail-wagging clock that debuted over 80 years ago and is still going strong to cutting edge hi-tech cat-themed time pieces, New & Retro Style Cat Clocks, just like real cats, have an irresistable charm.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.

- Anatole France

Pet Counter Survey Part 1

Do you have any pets?

Do you currently share your home with any pets?

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For Dogs & Puppies


Affordable and Unique Fun Dog Costumes for Halloween

You will find fun interactive features and the most amazing dog costumes on Affordable and Unique Fun Dog Costumes for Halloween. Our selection includes incredible prehistoric dinosaur doggie costumes, other four-legged and finned animal costumes, favorite fairy tale and tv and movie character pet costumes, and lots more!

And they are all reasonably priced high quality dog costumes for Halloween that are adorable, unusual, and guaranteed to evoke smiles.

Christmas Sweaters and Hoodies for Dogs

Christmas always arrives sooner than you think and, if you are like me, you shop year 'round when you see something that would be perfect for a pet or person on your gift list. It makes for better budgeting and makes large gift lists manageable and the holidays much less stressful.

Christmas Sweaters & Hoodies for Dogs make wonderful gifts for dogs and dog lovers. They are fun yet also practical as they keep dogs warmer on outings as well as indoors in these days (and nights) of rising fuel prices and lower thermostats.


Adorable Christmas Pajamas for Dogs

Comfortable, cute, traditional and whimsical Christmas Holiday pajamas for dogs are a great way to show your pet your love. Dog pajamas will keep your pet cozy and add to the festive Christmas Holiday atmosphere.

Especially as everyone tries to save energy (and money) by lowering the thermostat, especially at night, it is important to keep your pet(s) warm and healthy.

We've even included some lighter weight jammies for those of you who live in warmer climates.

Elk Antlers: The Best Chew for Your Dog

Written by Guest Author - Nietzsche Poochini

After trying nylabones, bully sticks, bones, rawhide and a variety of other chews, I can tell you that elk antlers are my dog's all-time favorite -- and they have many dental and health benefits as well.

But don't take my word for it...Read what our Shih-Tzu has to say about Elk Antlers. He's actually a pretty good writer and I'm sure you'll be entertained and appreciate the insider's view Nietzsche brings to this lens.

Elk antlers are healthy, long-lasting, odorless and natural. Plus we've got links to the Best Prices on antlers you can find.


Dog Christmas Decorations

Why not let your holiday decorations express your love of dogs? This year, deck your halls and home with the cutest dog themed Christmas decorations for indoors and out.

There's a wide variety of décor including hanging ornaments for your tree, wall hangings, inflatables, Christmas stockings, festive flags and even collectible figurines.

It does not matter if you like big dogs or small dogs, mixed breed dogs or AKC registered purebred dogs, you will find something to surely make you and your family and friends smile this Holiday season.


The Best Toys for Small Dogs

Small dogs, like their larger cousins, are naturally curious and playful. Appropriate toys play an important role in satisfying their need to exercise, do something interesting and stimulating, or just cuddle.

Toys also provide an outlet for their natural behaviors like chewing. Smaller dogs are generally prone to more dental problems so it is important that they also have a variety of toys to chew on to help maintain healthy teeth.

You'll love the small dog toys, bones, chews, and more that have been tested and approved by our own little Shih-Tzu (and me) especially for your adorable small little puppy or dog!

Comfortable Cuddly Dog Sweaters and Hoodies to Buy or Make

When the fur just isn't enough grab your puppy one of these Sweaters and Hoodies for Dogs and Puppies. Great for dogs who live in cold and snowy areas, these Dog Sweaters and Hoodies look cute on any dog or puppy and keep them warm too.

If you're looking for a good gift idea for your dog, these Sweaters and Hoodies for Dogs are affordable ways to keep them snug and cozy and show them you love them.

Detail from "English Bulldog Puppy Eating" by Pat Doyle
Detail from "English Bulldog Puppy Eating" by Pat Doyle | Source

Cooking for Your Gourmet Pooch

Another dog food recall has recently been announced. This one is due to salmonella contamination and includes several of the supposedly best high-end dog food lines too.

The high number of pet food problems makes it more important than ever to be very careful about what you feed your pets.

One way you can be sure your dog is getting balanced, healthy and SAFE meals is to prepare them yourself. Cooking for your Gourmet Pooch shows you not only how to prepare your pet's food but why you should cook for your dog.

The Best Dogfood Cookbooks take a balanced nutritional approach and ensure that your dog will be eating the right foods in the right proportions so you can be sure your dog is getting all of the vitamins, minerals and protein s/he needs.

Plus, cooking for your pet is fun, easy and very rewarding!

Keep Your Pet Well-Hydrated in Addition to Well-Fed

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Dog and Cat Water Fountain, Automatic Drinking Fountain for Pets, 168 Ounce,Grey
PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Dog and Cat Water Fountain, Automatic Drinking Fountain for Pets, 168 Ounce,Grey
The Platinum utilizes an innovative watering system featuring their patented free-falling stream of water. This entices pets to drink more, keeping them happy, healthy and hydrated.
cute dog in a pet-safe electric heated doggie bed for dogs and puppies
cute dog in a pet-safe electric heated doggie bed for dogs and puppies

Keep Your Dog Warm & Healthy With a Pet-Safe Heated Dog Bed

With colder weather and lower thermostats these days, you can keep your pet toasty and snug with a Pet Safe Electric Heated Dog Bed. In addition to providing warmth, an electrically heated dog bed can help comfort pets with anxiety and provide relief for pets who have joint and muscle pain.

Many Electric Heated Dog Beds come with orthopedic cushions or mattresses to make your dog even more comfortable. Electric heated orthopedic dog beds are especially helpful for older dogs and pets who have arthritis or other joint conditions. The heat will ease your pet's aches and pains just as it does yours.

These Pet Safe Electric Heated Dog Beds have special chew resistant cords so your pet will be safe from electric shock. They are made of durable materials to withstand clawing and chewing. Electric Heated Dog Beds are available for every dog of any size and age and come in many different styles to match your room's interior décor and your pet's preferences.

And for Travel Comfort and Safety....

PetSafe Happy Ride Deluxe Car Seat Cover for Dogs - Fits Cars, Trucks and SUVs - Bench, Standard
PetSafe Happy Ride Deluxe Car Seat Cover for Dogs - Fits Cars, Trucks and SUVs - Bench, Standard
Let your pet ride in luxury and ultimate safety. The Solvit Deluxe Bench Seat Cover lies across the backseat of your car or SUV. It’s made from padded, quilted SOLViTEX, a heavy-gauge polyester microsuede twill that feels soft to the touch, but lasts like iron. It provides your pet with great comfort and protects your seat from dirt, dander, and spills. Multiple attachment points, adjustable straps, and 2 Sta-Put devices hold the cover secure in all vehicles with headrests. Treated with Stain-Blok and washable in all machines.

Tough and Durable Dog Toys that Last

Chewing keeps your dog's teeth strong and healthy and you need to provide them with a variety of tough and durable dog toys of different shapes, textures and sizes to get the most benefit from their natural chewing instincts.

Although there may not be such a thing as a 100% indestructible dog toy, we think you'll be pleased with the durability of these tough teeth-resistant dog toys. These are some of the best tough, durable and affordable dog toys available.

Pet Counter Survey Part 2 - If You Currently Have Pet(s)

Oopsy Daisy Pick a Pet Stretched Canvas Wall Art by Jill McDonald
Oopsy Daisy Pick a Pet Stretched Canvas Wall Art by Jill McDonald

What type of pet(s) do you have?

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We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.

— Immanuel Kant

For Both Dogs & Cats & Puppies & Kittens

Top Electric Pet Nail Trimmers for Dogs & Cats

Make Grooming a Pleasure for You and Your Pet

Treat your pet's paws with care when trimming their claws with the Best Electric Pet Nail Trimmers.

Plus Electric Nail Trimmers leave your pet's nails smooth--not sharp like manual pet nail clippers do.

Our puppy hated to have his nails clipped but with our new Electric Pet Nail Trimmer, he simply enjoys the extra attention and pampering.

We've included how-to videos and reviews of the Top Electric Pet Nail Trimmers for Dogs & Cats to help you decide which one is right for you and your pet.

Squidoo Pet Counter Survey Part 3

How many pets do you currently have?

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Dogs or Cats? - Which four-legged friends do you favor?

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. ~George Eliot

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Your Feedback is very important to us.

© 2012 Chazz


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