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can dogs drink coke?

  1. dogluver1 profile image60
    dogluver1posted 8 years ago

    can dogs drink coke?

  2. Adopt-a-Dog profile image68
    Adopt-a-Dogposted 8 years ago

    yes, Dogs can drink coke, My dog eats/drinks anything which I do.
    But if you ask should you allow them, answer is NO. Caffeine's not really good for dogs.. Anyways Why do you want your dog to drink coke?

  3. dogluver1 profile image60
    dogluver1posted 8 years ago

    No, my dog doesn't drink coke.My dog is the same way with food. Ok thanks I was just wondering. Also what type of breed is your dog? Mine is a labrador as you can see in the picture. smile

  4. PawsitivelySafe profile image85
    PawsitivelySafeposted 6 years ago

    You shouldn't even drink coke. Why ask if your dog can drink it, when the real question should be....why would you let your dog drink it.

    Between the caffeine, the huge amount of sugar and the carbonation, I think both you and the dog should choose another form of hydration. (lol).